Escena de detener el corazón: El primer momento de libertad de un oso maltratado, al salir de su jaula después de años de tormento en un zoológico de Armenia.

This is the moment charity workers pulled an emaciated bear out of its cage for the first time in years as it was rescued from a hellish Armenian zoo.

In the clip, filmed by International Animal Rescue, workers can be seen removing the thick iron bars outside a small room in which two brown bears are lying down.

The first bear is then examined inside the room before being dragged outside into the sunlight at the zoo in Echmiadzin, Armenia.

The two brown bears were trapped in a tiny, cramped room with bars on the windows at a zoo in Echmiadzin, Armenia

After removing the bars the charity workers from the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets are able to pull on of the bears out

The person recording the video initially identified the bear as being between five and six years old.

However, after workers examine the bear’s teeth it is discovered that the bear is far older but appears younger because of how small it is.

The bear’s poor diet is believed to be behind its small frame.

Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets carried out the rescue earlier today and livestreamed the video on IAR’s Facebook page.

The rescue is part of the groups latest campaign which is called ‘The Great Bear Rescue’.

Their goal is to rescue all of the bears trapped in squalid conditions across the country before rehabilitating them and releasing them back into the wild.

Rescuers initially believed the bear was around five or six years old due to its small size

After examining the bears teeth they quickly realised it was far older than first thought and was such a small size because of a poor diet