Encuentro cautivador: Observa cómo una pitón satisface su hambre devorando un pájaro en el techo de una casa en Australia.

A video of a python devouring a currawong went viral online. The video is from New South Wales, Australia, where a python can be seen dangling from a television antenna with the bird. The python seems to be struggling with the prey in the video. The video was recorded by an onlooker Cathy Gall who came outside her house to feed her dog.

A New South Wales woman was confronted with a very disturbing display of nature playing out on top of her roof.

Cathy Gall was left shocked when she spotted a python wrapped around her TV aerial with a bird dangling from its jaws.

The unnerving scene was filmed in Kingscliff and shows the huge snake stretching off the antenna and attempting to drag the currawong towards it.

It is understood the bird was caught and killed by the python who then struggled to drag its catch back up to the roof.

Ms Gall posted the horrifying video to Facebook group Kingscliff Happenings, with the caption: “Never seen this before … python trying to eat a currawong on our antenna.”

She later confirmed that the snake did eventually manage to pull its catch onto the house.

“Live action … such determination from the python to hold onto the currawong,” she wrote.

“Happily eating it now on our roof, nature in your face.”

In an update Ms Gall shared a picture of the snake wrapped around the bird while sitting on the roof.

She added that they did call a snake catcher who suggested she just leave the snake alone and let it go about its business.

The video quickly gained a lot of attention, with viewers left shocked by the terrifying scene.

“Blow the house up. Only way to fix that,” one person wrote.

“That’s nature man!! … what can ya do,” another person said.

One added: “Only in Australia.. The snakes are out of control.”