En su hábitat natural, se observó a un ternero de ñu recibiendo protección de una leona desafiante.

Lions are truly unique creatures. Known as the king of the jungle, the lion is an apex predator that you definitely don’t want to encounter if you’re out the in African wilderness by yourself.

Lions hunt and kill to stay alive and feed their cubs, never turning down a meal. However, in this bizarre video, a lioness in the African Serengeti chooses maternal instinct over survival.

When this lioness spots a lone wildebeest out in the wild, she does the complete opposite of what you would expect. Of course, most would think this would be an easy kill for the lioness.

Instead of killing and eating the wildebeest, this lioness’s motherly instincts kick in. Guiding the wildebeest back to her pack, the lioness is more concerned with the baby’s well-being over her own.

What’s even more impressive is that the wildebeest, whose instincts would tell her to stay away from the lion, has complete trust in her and follows her as she guides her across the plain.

Cautiously staying by her side, the wildebeest seems to know that the lioness intends to protect her. Stopping and checking out the area every few feet.
Seeing the interaction between these two creatures is not only incredibly rare but very heartwarming. Maternal instinct to take care of the wildebeest is strong, and she lives to see another day.