En solo 3 minutos, una gigantesca pitón de 17 metros se tragó un canguro.

17m lοпg ρythοп swallοws kaпgarοο iп just 3 miпutes

Big animals in australia The Amethystine python, a giant slithering over 20 feet and weighing over 200 pounds, has made it one of Australia’s most feared creatures.

With its size it can hold large prey in a matter of minutes. The incident was recorded at a campsite in Not Queensland, Australia, where a 17-foot-long giant python strapped a large kangaroo. and tried to swallow it whole.

The prey kangaroo is bigger than it. It’s hardly a problem for this type of python. Because it can expand its mouth and jaw to easily swallow its prey whole, which can take time. or longer depending on the size of the victim.