Embarking on a Captivating Journey through the Realm of Nocturnal Photography – Nature and Life

In the realm of forced perspective photography, we’ve witnessed numerous examples, but none as enchanting as these. Captured by landscape astrophotographer and astronomy journalist Laurent Laveder, these captivating images are part of his project titled “Moon Games.” Laveder’s newly released book, Quartier libre, features a compilation of 19 moon photographs accompanied by calligrams crafted by various authors. As Laveder explains, it serves as a “small book dedicated to our Moon.” Above all, this project exemplifies the presence of creativity within each of us. It demonstrates how, with a few simple props and a touch of imagination, the moon can transform into anything we desire.

The model climbs a ladder, leading to the moon

The model’s legs seemingly move the glowing celestial body into place

Imagining the moon to be a cut hedge

The moon sits inside of a wheelbarrow

A crescent shape hugs the rounded belly of the model

Scissors seemingly snip off the edge of a crescent moon

The moon, framed

Two hands transform the rounded celestial body into a clock

Cloud cover makes ideal conditions for the whimsical scene

A hula hoop used as a prop in the panorama