Create a relaxing retreat in your garden with 39 unique ideas for a cozy sitting corner!

Many gardeners create seating areas in their gardens, but few sit in them.

Gardens are meant to be viewed, but most gardeners spend the bulk of their time up close and personal with the plants. Still, seating is an important aspect of any garden.

Gardens are representative of the gardener’s vision and as ever-changing as the weather, so there are no hard rules about using seating in a garden. It can be purely functional or as fanciful as the gardener’s imagination.

A bench facing a great view might never actually get used, but a secluded spot to read or chairs waiting nearby when you unload your tools can be too hard to resist.

Often seating is used to draw visitors into the garden or entice them down a path. They may not sit, but the temptation is there. Even more alluring is the promise of a secret hideaway to read or nap.

And don’t underestimate whimsy; an oversized or brightly colored creation can make a garden extremely memorable, especially to children.