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Theodore found a loyal companion in Hinckley, who quickly became his constant companion. They would nap, snuggle, and even eat together, forming a deep bond that indicated the timeless truth that dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Whitney, who works in communications, observed that Hinckley was eager to get involved in all aspects of Theodore’s life, showcasing the special connection between these two beings.
When they first brought Theodore home, Hinckley was initially confused, thinking that Teddy was a new toy just for him, which is understandable since Hinckley had been the center of attention for a year. Whitney would watch over Theodore from her bed while he slept in his cradle, admiring his every move and marveling at the beauty of this new friendship.
After a while, Hinckley realized that the ‘toy’ was not his to keep and wouldn’t be coming back. But since Teddy arrived, Hinckley has been enamored with him and wants to be involved in everything Teddy does. They love snuggling together during tummy time on the couch or floor.
Hinckley even joins in on feedings, sitting on the right side while Teddy is on the left. It’s a special bonding time for the three of them, and Hinckley sometimes sneaks away with Teddy’s burp towel when Mom isn’t looking, which always makes her chuckle.
Whitney is overjoyed that Theodore will have a furry companion to watch over him as he grows up. The sight of Hinckley taking on the big brother role and caring for his younger sibling warms her heart. She can’t get enough of watching the two interact and is excited for the day when they can bond and go on endless adventures together. Although Hinckley doesn’t fully understand what Theodore is, he knows that he’s special and that it’s his duty to keep an eye on him.