Con tan solo 4 meses, un león intenta seguir a sus hermanos para cruzar un río con agua de flujo rápido.

This cub may have scared off its mother, but it seems to have used the phrase ‘Hakuna Matata as its mantra.

The tiny monster nonchalantly tried to cross a terrifying river – despite its diminutive size.

Wildlife photographer Mark Williams, 57, was delighted to get a close-up of a lioness and her cubs in Mara, Kenya.

But even he admits his heart stopped for a moment as the four-month-old tiger cub tried to cross a roaring river.

Watching as its older siblings leap effortlessly across the flow to the safety of the rocks beyond, the proud smallest cub lurks in the back before attempting an almighty leap.

Dipping his toes in the water before soaring into the air, the brave cub fell very close to his target and plunged into the fast current, disappearing completely below the surface.

Within seconds, however, it floated to the surface of the bubbling water and began to swim towards the shore.

Fortunately, it pulled itself out of the water, wet but safe, while its mother watched, seemingly unfazed by the cub’s near-death experience.