Combination Barn Home – The Workshop Is Spectacular

This Combination Barn home is stunning with a 35-foot x 84-foot barn and 31-foot x 30-foot barn. There are also 12 foot enclosed lean tos and a 6-foot porch. The Combination Barn home includes a 12 ft enclosed Lean-to and a 6 foot porch. The elegance and strength of post and beam timber frame construction can be found in all of the Sand Creek Post & Beam wood barn home kits. Their barn home kits can be used for full-time homes, cottages, cabins, secondary homes, loft apartments, dual-use barns and homes. The barn home kits come prefabricated, are made to last, and are rustic but modern. This barn residence is located at Massachusetts.

This Combination Barn Home is the ultimate barn style house and workspace. This barn-style house features everything you need: the barn residence upstairs, the garage and the workshop on first floor. The porch and covered lean tos are perfect places to relax and entertain guests and family. This barn-style home, which is mostly made of wooden, has lots of windows that let in natural sunlight. The main floor workshop is amazing and has lots of space for any type or business.


Before being disassembled for shipment, all Sand Creek Post & Beam frames are pre-assembled to assure a flawless fit. The end result is a stunning barn which will complement your property and bring you years of enjoyment. There are many sizes and styles available, as well as options for accessories. The huge wood barn and outbuilding kits from Sand Creek Post & Beam can be custom customized to construct the barn of your dreams. All you need to finish your barn-type house or outbuilding is a foundation and the shingles that you choose.

The barn home kit includes everything, except for the foundation, siding nails and shingles or metal roofing. Sand Creek Post & Beam employs full-dimension six-inch-by-six-inch rough-cut wood for an authentic, rustic look as well as added strength. The result is stunning and rich, both inside and outside. Norway pine and ponderosa pine are the best woods for a barn-style house. However, other species of wood can also be used. The honey-toned wood of Ponderosa pine is highly sought after and is used when beauty is important. Norway pine is a sturdy wood with straight grain and a smooth texture. It is ideal for beams, posts, and other trusses. Both woods are easy-to-use and were specifically milled for them.

The majority of Sand Creek Post & Beam barn kits are designed to be built on a concrete foundation. A slab concrete foundation with poured feet is the most common foundation. A post and beam barn can be built on a concrete slab foundation, pier foundation, or concrete block foundation. You can also use their barns with a partial or complete basement. 




This Barn Home was designed and built by Sand Creek Post And Beam.