Check out this rare vintage Jaguar E-Type with a Range Rover chassis

Jaguar E-Type is a legendary car that even “bosses” in the car industry like Enzo Ferrari have to praise as the most beautiful car in the world. In the past time, the British car brand has also had a project to reproduce the E-Type, but many people still choose to revive even these legends.

Recently, an old Jaguar E-Type has been “tuned” in an impressive off-road style. The car with the typical shell of the 80s sports car of the last century, but underneath is the “legs” of the force bearing the imprint of an SUV.

Rare antique Jaguar E-Type car custom Range Rover chassis

At first glance, you may mistake the off-road E-Type for a rendering, but in fact, the photo is 100% real. Not only that, the car is also normal and legal on the streets in the UK. The large ground clearance, high sidewalls and reusable 5-spoke alloy wheels of the Defender SUV make the once low-rise convertible look like a weird “monster” car.

The car’s appearance is transformed into a strong off-road style.

The bodywork is the original JPR Wildcat E-Type with a light, classic look. The exterior is in very good condition, complete with a retractable soft top and rear rack for extra storage. Cabin with basic equipment, gear lever from Range Rover and two felt seats.

Chassis from a 1984 Land Rover Range Rover. The chassis is from a 1984 Land Rover Range Rover. Even the 3.5-liter V8 is sourced from Rover, 5-speed manual transmission and 4WD drive system.

One-Off Jaguar E-Type 4×4 Monster Sits On A Range Rover Chassis

This unique Jaguar E-Type 4×4 Monster is currently in Little Addton, UK and is priced at £19,750 ($24,385).

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