Charming Roberto Tiny House with Unique Triangular Roof Design

Roberto Tiny House with Triangular Roof

The interest and demand for small houses is increasing day by day. Today we will introduce you to ‘Roberto Tiny House with Triangular Roof’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

There are many reasons why people prefer tiny houses. There is a lot of interest in tiny houses for different reasons such as simplifying their lives for some, eliminating excess furniture for others, and reducing costs.

Although the number of these houses is increasing, there is a need for minimalist objects such as furniture suitable for these houses. You should examine different tiny house models to build and design your dream tiny house.


This house with a gable roof and partially covered terrace was designed by the Polish firm Atrium. Ideally sized for a small family, this house has an attractive design.

The advantages of living in a single-storey house are always many. Families can choose this house for their summer or full-time stay, depending on their lifestyle.

The design of this house is really cool. The house has been given a magnificent look with its stone-like exterior cladding and other details. The gable roof is covered with a graphite colored sheet. The large patio area on the front of the house offers a wide living space outdoors.

The interior of the house is designed very luxuriously. This house will be a good example to create your dream tiny house. By using large windows, the interior is provided with more daylight. A different atmosphere has been added to the house with the harmony of the furniture and other objects used.

With a living area of ​​81.70 square meters, this house can comfortably accommodate 4 people. This house, which is slightly larger than other tiny houses, has 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. From the living room and master bedroom you can exit to the front deck area of ​​the house.