Chainsaw Maestro Transforms Tree Stump Into Astonishing Illusion Of Water Pouring From A Bucket – Nature and Life

Chainsaw carving is pretty incredible and the artists who are the members of this type of art community are super talented. Handling a chainsaw is hard in itself, not to mention creating something artistic with its help. This is why chainsaw carving has gained more and more popularity, since chainsaw artists manage to do something incredible. Just look at instance, at this next breathtaking piece which is a piece of wood that has been turned into a wood bucket that gives the illusion of pouring water. And all of this happened with the help of a chainsaw and the genius of Romanian artist, Gabi Rizea. He first began carving wood in 2014, but his skills have quickly evolved and his work is truly incredible. To learn more about Rizea’s work, the things that inspire him and his latest creations, visit the following link for a short introduction and pictures.