Capturing Extraordinary Wonders: Skilled Photographers Freeze “Once in a Millennium” Moments – Nature and Life

There are moments in nature that are so impeccable that they seem surreal to people. To showcase the everlasting existence of the world and the limitless possibilities it holds, we have curated a collection of photographs capturing these rare “once in a millennium” moments.

1. The image of a gecko leisurely leaning back hugging a “leaf flock” looks like a real artist. This image will surely make many people excited. This photo was taken by photographer Aditya Permana while spending an hour observing geckos living in the forest of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

2. This is a vestige of a “sink hole” that appeared on May 30, 2010 in the center of Guatemala City, Central Guatemala. It “swallowed” a factory and three power pylons.

3. At a glance, everyone will think the boat is floating in the air. This image of a boat floating on the clear blue water was taken on the island of Lampedusa, in Italy.

4. It looks like a scene from a sci-fi movie, however, this is the image of the world’s tallest tennis court in Dubai. Originally, this was the helicopter landing spot of the Burj Al Arab Hotel, but was converted into a tennis court in February 2005.

5. You still don’t believe in the authenticity of the picture, right? This is absolutely not a product of sculpture but a wonderful 3D wall art product of artist John Pugh (France).

6. Photographer Vadim Trunov was the one who “captured” the moment two red squirrels passed pinecones to each other in the forest near the town of Voronezh, Russia. The red squirrels here live very close to the locals. The moment was recorded after the photographer made two squirrels pay attention to the snowball game, so they were excited to follow.

7. Surely someone will claim that there is a professional “photoshop” involvement in this photo. However, this photo has not been edited. This is a picture of a shrine and its surrounding area covered with ash from the  eruption of the Ontake volcano , Japan on September 27, 2014.

8. This image of “The border between two worlds” was taken by Kathleen Dolmatch on her 27th birthday while flying over New York City, USA.

9. You are admiring an extremely rare natural phenomenon called lenticular clouds. This phenomenon makes many people mistaken for UFOs, who think that the image has been photoshopped, however, this is a real natural phenomenon.

10. This work, called Biografies, depicting thousands of paperbacks falling out of a window, was created by artist Alicia Martin in 3 weeks by gluing 70,000 books into one giant block.

11. In a volcanic eruption full of ash, the image of lightning makes the scene even more terrifying. This “more expensive than gold” moment was captured by photographer Sigurdur Stefnisson in Iceland in August 2010.

12. Under the talented hands of French artist Spencer Byles, young tree trunks, roots, leaves, or scraps of firewood… can also become beautiful works of art. And this is one of 20 exquisite products created by the artist in a forest in France.

13. At first glance, many people will think that the coast has “ghosts”. No, there’s no such thing as a ghost here. The luminescent thing is the firefly squid in Japan. This species is usually found at depths of more than 3,500 m in the ocean. However, from March to August, firefly squid begin to gather near the coast of Toyama city, Honshu island, Japan. That is why the luminescence of thousands of firefly squid makes the coast sparkle in the dark.

14. No need to struggle to climb branches like other spiders, this spider cleverly uses a hole in the leaf to create a simple but amazingly perfect web.