Captivating Moment: Bear Cubs Astonished as Mother Teaches Them to Fish

In a heartwarming scene captured at Kuril Lake in Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula, a group of bear cubs couldn’t take their eyes off their mother as she fearlessly dived into the lake to catch their lunch.

Standing on their hind legs in awe, the adorable cubs watched intently as their father skillfully used his claws to scoop up large red salmon from the bountiful waters of Kuril Lake.

Image 118
The baby bears are transfixed by their mother’s hands-on approach to finding their lunch at Kuril Lake in Russia.

Renowned for its abundance of fish, this lake attracts numerous bears, creating a unique opportunity for wildlife photographer Sergey Ivanov, 53.

Approaching the bears by boat, Ivanov captured the captivating moment when the cubs anxiously awaited their mother’s successful catch. “The reactions of the cubs were incredible – the bears displayed so much emotion,” Ivanov shared.

Image 119
The cubs queue in an orderly fashion for a serving of salmon while their mother does all the hard work.

Describing the scene, Ivanov revealed, “The lake attracts a lot of bears. At the mouth of the river, there can be around 20 bears gathering at a time.

They spend the whole day fishing, and I watch so the bears get used to my presence and do not pay any attention to me – I try not to impede them in any way.”

Having first visited the lake in the mid-90s, Ivanov has developed a deep connection with the bears and continues returning, hoping to capture their unusual behavior.

Image 120
The cubs can’t take their eyes off their mother, and only one of them appears to notice photographer Sergey Ivanov.

“I saw bears there for the first time in 1995, and even 20 years on, they are still my favorite subjects for photography,” he shared.

The incredible bond between the mother bear, and her cubs is evident as she imparts her fishing skills, ensuring their survival in the wild.

This fascinating glimpse into the bears’ lives reminds us of the beauty and complexity of nature’s wonders.

Image 121
The bears stand on their hind legs as their mother sends water flying right as she swings her paws into the lake.
Image 122
One of the cubs appears to be chewing on a piece of wood on the lake’s edge as it waits for something more appetizing.
Image 123
The cubs lose interest in the fishing expedition and walk off together in the tightest of formations.