Captivating Beauty: Women Transformed from Driftwood – Nature and Life

From driftwood found in the forest or on the beach, a Canadian female artist Debra Bernier has “enchanted” into extremely unique sculptures of women.

Art is born from the simple things in everyday life, female artist Debra Bernier (from Victoria, Canada) proves it with her carvings from pieces of driftwood she finds in nature.

Debra Bernier often takes the time to walk in the woods or on the beach to pick up pieces of wood that are the cores of ancient trees, also known as driftwood. These pieces of wood have, through the test of time, durability and unique grain.

With her creativity, she transforms the cores into sculptures that beautifully simulate the images of goddesses and women. Debra Bernier thinks the driftwood pieces themselves are a sculpture. The artist wishes to give life to these driftwood pieces by transforming the curves and shapes of the wood.

In addition to creating sculptures on driftwood, Debra Bernier uses natural materials, such as driftwood, clay and seashells to create mesmerizing sculptures.

Take a look at the unique images below:

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