The great falcon is a bird with sharp eyesight and “rocket” speed. That’s what helped it have a spectacular rescue.
The great falcon (falco peregrinus) is a species of bird in the genus Falcon in North America, dubbed the “living rocket” – “A Living Missile” for possessing the fastest speed in the animal kingdom.

The great falcon is a bird with a wide wingspan that is the fastest in the animal kingdom (the owl reaches a speed of more than 322 km/h). They have a very wide range that we can find almost everywhere on earth (except near the poles).

This raptor often hunts other birds and kills its prey in the air with its superior speed, which very few birds can escape once they have become the target of large falcons.
They often nest on high cliffs to avoid predators, anything that makes the mother falcon feel dangerous will be destroyed. At this moment, there were 5 pelicans loitering around the nest, the mother bird immediately flew out to fight.

However, the real danger to the young is silently, quietly approaching the nest while the mother bird is absorbed in destroying the enemy, which is a gopher snake (Pituophis catenifer catenifer). It is non-venomous, but to the frail young it is a real danger (paragraphs 1’10s).

The video below is taken from the Discovery Channel animal documentary “The Savage Edge”.

Fortunately, the mother bird with extremely sharp eyesight detected the snake’s location and quickly returned to the nest to eliminate the threat of the young. With a precise throw, it made the snake pay the price when it fell from a high cliff.