Breathtaking 3D Graphics: Rekode’s Unique Blend of Architecture and Colorful Balloons – Nature and Life

Rekode specializes in creating 3D graphics. His Instagram profile is filled with short animations and photorealistic visualizations. The artist produces visualizations that resemble photos taken by a passerby from street level. This approach makes the installations look authentic.

We were particularly impressed by a series of visualizations in which Rek0de combined architecture with colorful balloons. Despite their size, the round spheres appear light and fill the gaps of the photographed objects. The artist never creates two similar visualizations; each of them has its own character, and the animations he creates can be mesmerizing.

Rek0de also incorporates futuristic themes into his work. In some of his pieces, modernist blocks are juxtaposed with robots, offering an unusual perspective on the world. All of his visualizations and animations are meticulously crafted down to the smallest detail. We congratulate him on his talent and precision – the light reflecting in the windows of the modernist skyscrapers enhances the impression and makes the content shared on Instagram appear even more realistic.