BeaᴜtιfuƖ Tiny House Made From 3 Shιρping Contɑιneɾs

This stunning shipping container home is near Lake Taupo in New Zealand is worth a look. Brenda Kelly of IQ Container Homes designed this compact shipping container home and raised it to allow for views of Lake Taupo. The tiny house was built using three 20-foot shipping containers. The tiny house’s interior features an open living space and a kitchen that make the most of the view. There is also a sliding door that leads down to a deck with stairs that leads to the yard. This incredible concept features covered parking underneath the container home design, as well as a covered terrace that offers amazing views of the surrounding areas.

The shipping container home’s living and kitchen areas are open-plan. The accent wall is made of plywood and matches the wall in the living area. It also serves as a backdrop to the bed. The opposite wall houses a closet with sliding mirrored doors. The bed lifts can be seen to provide additional storage. In a small bedroom, a plywood accent wall may be found. The shipping container home has a home office that can be converted to a bed and a large desk.

The IQ container houses are made of non-corrosive Corten and are durable. They can also be recycled 100% when they are not in use. They can either work with you to create a custom design or use eco-principles such as passive solar and cross ventilation in their practical designs. Off-site construction reduces waste and disrupts the job site.

IQ Container Homes uses eco-friendly products such as low VOC paints and lumber sourced from sustainable New Zealand forest. LED lighting is also used. Modular architecture allows you the flexibility to expand or start small depending on your budget. High-quality building materials are used as standard. These include composite stone benchtops for the kitchen and tile-look flooring in the bathrooms. You’ll have your choice of colors and finishes as well as any enhancements. You can also purchase add-on packages for rainwater harvesting and solar to reduce your carbon footprint and lower operating costs. There are designs available that are off-grid.

People are becoming more aware that housing costs are rising, living costs are increasing, and people are working long hours in stressful jobs. Many realize that life is not about accumulating expensive possessions or working 80-hour weeks to pay the bills. This can lead to a loss of time and family. It’s no surprise that small house living is becoming increasingly popular around the globe. Small houses, especially shipping container-based dwellings, are becoming more and more popular all around the world.