Awesome Wooden Side Table Ideas

When it comes to DIY furniture, we often hesitate. Sure, we’re smart, but we’re not necessarily super experienced at things like woodworking, welding, or other very hands-on skills that you’d mistake for something like furniture making. That said, we’re still usually tempted to get involved in making our own pieces of furniture because we’re resourceful DIYers and don’t often shy away from a challenge. That’s why we’re glad there are so many helpful tutorials out there outlining so many incredibly creative little pieces of furniture on the internet! So what’s the piece we’ve been looking forward to lately that we’re challenging ourselves with, you ask? Well, we could use a new side table and maybe a new bedside stand, and we’re sure we can make them ourselves!

Just in case you’re as eager to learn how to make your own furniture as we are, here are of the coolest side table tutorials and ideas we’ve come across in our search so far.