Although it is very hard to hunt, leopards still have to accept to give up their own efforts because of uninvited guests.hongvien

When it comes to opportunistic creatures on the African savannah, people often refer to hyenas or vultures, African wild dogs… They are always waiting, prowling to rob predators’ hunting efforts. other meat.

However, even lions are the top carnivores, they do not give up tricks to get food easily. A leopard fell victim to opportunism when a pack of lions robbed the antelope it had been hunting.

The video was recorded by tour guide Simon Vegter in Kruger National Park, Africa while with tourists at De Laporte lake. Antelope was stalked by leopards nearby, attacked and killed right at the lake.

“Mantis catches cicadas, sparrows stalk behind” – in turn, the leopard was stalked by a lion behind to steal the fruit, fortunately the leopard reacted as quickly as electricity, so it escaped. As for the lions, their job is now too easy, just drag the antelope ashore to have a hearty party.