Adorable Sight: Snails Racing to Climb Mushroom Trees – Nature and Life

The race for the cherry on top of a mushroom takes place between two snails with twisted and spotted shells in the studio of photographer Anatolih Evgenii in Russia. Starting the race, the spotted shell snail quickly dominated the opponent.

Not giving up, the twisted shell snails tried their best to race against the opponent and they were in roughly equal positions under the mushroom’s hat. However, the spotted shell snail “played badly” when it decided to attack the opponent instead of going straight to the finish line.

Even so, the twisted shell slug beat the trickster to the finish line and won a ripe cherry, while the spotted slug slithered down from the mushroom body. Perhaps, it has to rethink its tactics next time.

“I love creating interesting scenarios for my snails. I thought it would be funny to organize a race for snails because they are known to be the slowest animals on the planet . They seemed to have accelerated when they saw the peach. Unlucky, only 1 won, but I’m sure they will share the prize,” 48-year-old photographer said.

Some images of snails climbing other mushroom trees are equally adorable: