“A Wonderful Group of Friends: Four Closest Companions Embrace Motherhood Together”

One particular tale is circulating on social media. Four friends became pregnant for the second time almost simultaneously.

We're four friends who got pregnant at the same time — twiceLaLa News

In a video that she posted on social media, Maddie Castellano and her friends Randy Parks, Brittney Kent, and Lou Beeston confessed to carrying life inside them not once, but twice at the same time. Their second children were born a few months after their second child, who was born only a few weeks after their first. Mothers, however, think that after childbirth, they have all amassed the most devoted friends.

LaLa News

LaLa News

“All of our children have been great friends since birth, and they all arrived within a few weeks of one another. We do a lot of things together, and it’s been wonderful for them to have infant pals.LaLa NewsLaLa News

The same four pals discovered that we were expecting infants a few months apart after more than a year had passed. All of our children will now have best buddies for life, according to Maddy in the video.LaLa NewsLaLa News

A highly unique circumstance electrified the Internet to the point where the video was able to garner almost 7.5 million views. Such occurrences are rare in birth history, but when they occurs, don’t you believe they always manage to stir up powerful feelings?