“A Startling Birth: Half-Human, Half-Frog Baby with Exposed Heart Sparks Widespread Alarm”.n

The baby with a heart outside the chest is still healthy

A baby in India has just been born with an extremely rare disease with the heart attached to the chest outside the body.
Health experts say this baby’s case is not common, only about 8 people in 1 million people in the world have it. At the same time, 90% of fetuses with ectopic hearts died immediately or only lasted 3 days. 
However, a miracle happened when this baby spent 7 days on this earth and was still very healthy. Doctors performed surgery on the baby.
Newborn baby grows more head in belly

Another baby in India was also born with an unhealthy body with a different head on her stomach.

When she was born, she weighed only about 2kg with another head on top of her stomach. The doctor said this is a disease called Hetropagus, commonly known as “parasitic twins”.
The baby was well cared for at the Neonatal Center at the hospital. Doctors performed surgery to separate the head from the abdomen as soon as the baby’s health condition stabilized.
Newborn baby half human half frog

A woman living in Ekiti state, Nigeria was shocked after 13 months of being pregnant with two children, but after being born, one of the children was born with a birth defect with a half-human half-frog shape.

Doctors said this newborn baby had a strange disease that led to a complete brain defect. The baby still moves normally because there is a small part of the brain that carries nerves to the spine. But due to the lack of a large brain, the child looks like a deformed “creature” half human, half frog.
Baby with heart shaped head

Muhammad Nafi – the name of this baby just two weeks old, was diagnosed with a large tumor located on the right side of the head. Over time, this tumor grew, causing her head to swell and develop into a heart shape.

The tumor has also affected vision in her right eye and doctors are conducting tests to see if any other organs in her body are damaged.
People have raised funds for charity to help this poor baby, although his family says they have not yet received any help from the local government.
5-month-old baby grows 13cm long tail

Niu Niu, China was born with a rare body defect in the spine. A crack in the vertebrae of the spine creates space for the spine. Gradually, the baby’s mother immediately noticed that this crack formed a tail, and it began to grow rapidly in size over time.

It is known that the tail has started to form since Niu Niu was still in the mother’s womb, the cause is predicted to be due to a deficiency of folic acid before and during pregnancy.