A pesar del sacrificio de la madre jabalí salvaje para salvar a sus crías, el tenaz jaguar persistió en su persecución.

Leopards constantly stalk their prey and try to get as close to the target as possible. Finally pounce and kill it by suffocation. It kills small prey with a single bite on the nape of the neck. But when it kills large animals, it will bite the throat or strangle the prey.

It can catch large prey thanks to its huge skull and strong jaw muscles. Thus strong enough to pull a carcass heavier than it is up a tree.

The leopard’s target this time is the boar. The mother pig is feeding her cubs. Little did they know that a leopard was stalking them outside. The mother pig probably had a hunch that something was wrong and took her son out of there. But the cheetah is really fast. The leopard gave chase and jumped up and caught the wild boar.

The mother pig, because she wanted to protect her cubs, bravely ran to chase the leopard away. The leopard is a fearsome predator, it wriggles so skillfully that the boar is scared to run away.