A dog suffers from a giant tumor which is almost bigger than her body – the surgery saved her life.

This is Chao Peng, a village dog.


She lost a leg…She was found suffering from a giant tumor.
The Tumor is almost bigger than her body…


She was rushed to a vet shelter in Phetchabun, Thailand…
But they didn’t have enough tools for her treatment.

They coordinate to take her to Pattaya and its over 450km from phetchabun.
Some small tumor also grew from paw and other parts of her body.


The vets in pattaya decided to amputate her leg to save her life.
Finally, the tumor is gone…but she’s completely lost a leg.


Chao peng eats well after surgery… she is a fighter. she can walk and her mental is good.
She recovers well everyday. Brave Chao Peng!

She didn’t stop wagging her tail. she thankful for the help of everyone in rescuing her.
For full story watch the video below!!