7 Best Beautiful Purple Indoor Plants

All plants always bring human life freshness and peace, each has its own beauty to attract attention. That is the reason why plants are always interesting to have! They are not only green, but you can also have plants with various other colors, one of which is purple. Purple plants will make your home feel more elegant and dramatic. If you also love this color, here are the 7 Best Beautiful Purple Indoor Plants to liven up your living space.

They have unique purple foliage and a warm texture to melt any heart, so they will bring your indoor space extra texture. When growing them, you can mix these purple shades with pink, blue, and even white-colored plants to give your home a more classic and befitting appearance. Love them, let’s start growing some, even if purple isn’t your favorite color, or simply you want your home to spruce up, whatever the case might be, they promise to keep you satisfied.

Source: Homeplantsguide

The Persian Shield is a stunning purple ornamental plant, it grows as a delicate evergreen perennial and produces purple and colorful-looking leaves. Thanks to its broad, glossy leaves covered in silver shimmer growing beautifully, you can grow the plant as annuals and ornamentals in the home garden in groups.

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Oxalis Triangularis is the most beautiful purple ornamental plant in recent years that many gardeners love growing in the garden and the landscape. It offers heart-shaped and thin flowers that resemble trumpet flowers. To grow this plant, give it moderate sun and avoiding provide excessive watering.

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Echeveria is a beautiful succulent and has lots of types that show off purple color with a soft and shabby visual. The succulent type grows well both indoors and outdoors. You can grow it in a small pot for decorating the room table and enjoy its thick leaves with a conical shape. Also, give the plant lots of light but avoid water too much for happy growth.

Source: Chatelaine

Coleus is an easy-care tropical plant that can be started from seeds or cuttings. It bears stacked small leaves, especially when grown from seeds they will grow at the bottom easily and in clusters.

Source: Houseplantcentral

Gynura Aurantiaca showcases pretty hairy leaf shapes and stunning yellow flowers. It grows well on a windowsill where it gets easy light regulation.

Source: Plantaddicts

Corral Bells are great purple options that have leaf colors of bronze, purple and more. Its blooming time is from late spring to early summer with stunning flowers. Also, the beauty of the plant is shown by the unique leaf shape that is almost like a heart shape with grooves and leaf veins that are clearly visible.

Source: Indoorplantshop

Tradescantia Zebrina is widely known for its purple leaf color, the silver, purple and green leaves mixed into one making it beautiful visuals. You can grow the vine plant in hanging baskets for a tropical look in your living space.