60 Cozy Fall DIY Projects To Decorate Your Home

Don’t you just love fall? From the cooler temperatures to the gorgeous colors, fall is definitely my favorite time of year.

Now that it’s finally here, it’s time to think about decorating with all those beautiful fall colors, and I’ve found so many wonderful ways to bring the colors of fall into your home.

Whether you want to go outside and gather leaves and gourds or you prefer to purchase your fall decorating supplies from the Dollar Store, you’re going to find something in this collection that will add beauty and warmth to your home this autumn.

1. Sunflower Wreath

Nothing says fall more than sunflowers and burlap. This easy DIY sunflower wreath uses burlap and a few other craft supplies to create a stunning and fun decoration for your door. Show all your neighbors how ready you are to greet the cooler temperatures when you display this on your front door.

2. Rustic Mason Jars

Some white spray paint with black lettering is all you need to create these gorgeous fall themed mason jars. Just fill them with sunflowers or any other kind of autumn flower and you’re all set with beautiful vase like jars that are perfect for fall. The rustic look really sets them apart.

3. Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holders

Have I mentioned how much I love mod podge? You can use it to create these amazing mason jars turned autumn leaf candle holders. Just affix the leaves to the jars with mod podge, add your candles, and you’re all set. They’re easy and really gorgeous.

4. Falling Leaf Block

If you love sewing, you’ll really love creating this falling leaf block that’s going to really decorate your dining room table. You’ll need some quilting squares and maybe a couple of hours of time. Make several of them in smaller sizes for decorating your coffee tables, too.

5. Fall Apple Candle Holders

These little tea light holders are made from actual apples, so they’re gorgeous and they smell wonderful. Use green and red candles for a really diverse look. You literally just cut a hole in the apple and insert your tea light candle. Please be careful to not leave the candles burning unattended.

6. Paper Flowers Blossom Branches

Paper flowers are great. Not only are they easy and really inexpensive to make, they can be so versatile for decorating. These are especially easy to make and when you attach them to a branch, you have your own little fall blossom that you can use to decorate any room.

7. Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins

Gather up those old mason jar lids – or just go buy a few at the Dollar Store. These mason jar lid pumpkins are so easy to make and they really are a unique way to decorate. You just tie them all together and they form the shape of a pumpkin. How easy is that? Some twine and a cinnamon stick will finish them off. Plus, the cinnamon smells really good.

8. Glitter Acorns

Use these glitter acorns anywhere in the house to add a bit of fall. You can spray paint them and then add glitter to the tops. Or for a more rustic look, just glitter the tops and leave the bottoms natural. However you want to do them, they’re going to add the perfect autumn charm to your home décor.

9. Cinnamon Pinecones

Pinecones are the epitome of fall. These cinnamon pinecones look and smell great and they’re really easy to make. With a touch of essential oil to give them a fairly strong smell, these are going to be the perfect way to bring the look and scent of fall into your home. Use them to decorate a centerpiece or just put them in a bowl and display them.

10. Glitter Glam Pumpkins

These little pumpkins are so gorgeous all decked out for fall. You can buy small pumpkins at your local farmer’s market. Then just paint and glitter them and display them however you like. Use your imagination when decorating and give them all their own unique look. They’re great for decorating centerpieces or just sitting out on the coffee table.

11. Potato Stamped Wreath

Remember potato stamps when you were a kid? You can use this same technique to create a great fall wreath. Cut your potato and then dip into paint and stamp away. Once your wreath picture is finished, frame it for an extra-special touch.

12. Painted Pinecone Garland

What a simple concept. Just paint pinecones, string them up, and use them to decorate the mantel. You can do your pinecones in different colors or choose one uniform color. String them up with fishing line, or for a more rustic look, try some thin twine. This is a great mantel decoration or you could be creative and make a wreath from them.

13. Orange Vases

For a really simple, not to mention beautiful, fall decorating idea, just hollow out some Valencia oranges and fill them with fall flowers. Mums make an excellent choice and come in so many wonderful hues that you can match them to your orange vase or create a stark contrast of colors. You can also use the insides of those oranges to create a yummy fall snack.

14. Chevron Pumpkins

I love DIY pumpkin decorating of any kind, but I particularly adore the look of these chevron pumpkins. Just a few small pumpkins and some paint, and you can have the classiest porch in the neighborhood. Use these inside or out. Painting them beats the cleanup of carving and the chevron look is so unique and elegant, you just have to love it.

15. Pumpkin Planters

Dress up your pumpkins and decorate your porch or yard with amazingly unique planters. Just a bit of paint will give those pumpkins a really original look. Then just add your mums or other fall plants. You can also use decorative paper or even Washi tape to decorate the pumpkins if you prefer not to paint them.

16. Illuminated Tree

Make your own illuminated tree with a few branches or twigs, some ribbon, and a few battery operated tealights. You can use sand and rocks to hold the twigs or branches in place in a vase, which also lends to the overall look. This DIY illuminated tree may be one of the easiest things in the collection and it’s definitely one of the most gorgeous.

17. Lighted Twigs

Here’s another great take on the lit up branches look. Gather your twigs or branches and incorporate Christmas lights into them. Display them in a bucket and you’ve got a great fall look for indoors or out. I would also add pinecones to the bucket and maybe some small gourds or pumpkins for added fall colors.

18. Autumn Leaf Art

Turn an autumn leaf into a beautiful work of art. Just frame it! This poem with a leaf in the center is so fall-like and gorgeous. You could also display a leaf on a picture canvas and use wording or other decorations behind it. Use your imagination and turn those fall leaves into art that you can hang all over the house.

19. Burlap Table Runner

You know how much I love decorating with burlap, and it really is the perfect fabric for fall décor. Create this lovely table runner in just a couple of hours, and decorate your dining room table in autumn glamour. You just paint white dots (or whatever you want) on the burlap and tie some tassels on each end. It’s an easy DIY table runner that you’re sure to be proud to display.

20. Roped Vase

Use those old coffee cans or empty oatmeal boxes to create beautiful vases. Or, you can use whatever cans or containers you have on hand. The idea is to wrap the containers with twine or rope to give them a really great rustic look. Fill them with mums or other fall flowers and you’ve got the perfect autumn décor for your indoor or outdoor decorating.

21. Doily Pumpkins

Doilies are so elegant and make the best DIY decorating supplies. Honestly, you can get doilies at the Dollar Store for about a dollar for 10, so creating these little doily pumpkins will be really inexpensive.

You literally just glue the doilies to the pumpkins in whatever pattern you want. The result is an elegantly decorated pumpkin that you can display anywhere.

22. Autumn Chalkboard

Chalkboards definitely make you think autumn. Maybe it’s the back to school vibe. You can bring a bit of that vibe into your home décor by using an inexpensive chalkboard and creating your own fall message. Frame the chalkboard in a wooden frame to give it a really decorative look.e

23. Chalkboard Pumpkins

I absolutely adore these chalkboard pumpkins. There are so many ways that you could dress up a pumpkin, and this one may just be my favorite. Just paint your pumpkins with chalkboard paint and then create your fall messages. These are great for indoor or outdoor decorating.

24. “Hay” Fall

Hay or straw bales, corn stalks, and a few pumpkins are the perfect things to decorate your porch for autumn. You can do so many creative things with these basic supplies.

You may even want to move them out into the yard and add a scarecrow or two. Whatever you do, you are sure to give your home an autumn appeal when you start with these things that are synonymous with fall.

25. Gourd Candles

Gourds are great for fall decorating and these little gourd candles are so easy. You just cut a spot into your gourd to fit a tealight candle, and that’s it. Gather or buy gourds in all different sizes and you can sit these all around the house. They also make great centerpieces for Thanksgiving and other special dinners.

26. Mason Jar Vases

Here’s another great take on fall themed mason jars. Just paint the jars a nice warm fall color and then use them as vases. A little sandpaper will remove just enough paint to give them a nice weathered look, so if you’re in to the rustic scene, that’s a good way to finish them off. Add fall flowers and you’re all set. These would be great for fall themed weddings, too.

27. Wood Slice Napkin Rings

These wood slice napkin rings are so easy to DIY. You’ll need a few power tools of course, but they really don’t take much time, and they will dress up your table in beautiful fall colors and textures. Just cut them all the same size, drill the holes, and then add your cloth napkins.

28. DIY Sweater Pillows

What could possibly be more fall-like than a cozy sweater? With that in mind, these adorable sweater pillows are sure to become your favorite fall décor. And, they’re really easy to make. I especially love the thought of cozying up with a pillow that looks just like my favorite fall sweater.

29. Yarn Pumpkins

Yarn is so inexpensive as far as craft supplies go, especially if you find a good sale or a closeout. You can turn some of that yarn into these adorable little pumpkins, complete with a tiny pinecone at the top for the stem. These are so easy and if you don’t want to use them again, just reuse the yarn in another project.

30. DIY Fabric Deco Balls

Fill a bowl or large vase with these easy to make origami style fabric balls. This is a great way to use up those old fabric scraps, and you get a really cool decoration that’s really versatile. You can use any fabric that you want, but if you want fall colors, try browns and oranges, or use some Halloween fabric to get ready for the holiday.

31. Typographic Coasters

These cork coasters are perfect for adding that cool brown color for fall, and you can design them however you like. Make a coaster in support of your favorite drink. These are great for get-togethers this holiday season, and they’re perfect for holding hot chocolate or spiced cider on those cool autumn nights.

32. Retro Starburst Trivet

This easy DIY paper starburst trivet looks great gracing the dinner table, or you could hang it on the wall for a little extra fall décor. Choose paper colors that represent autumn. Candy apple red is an excellent choice, and the starburst shape and style will put you in the mind of retro 70’s home décor.

33. DIY Faux Copper Vase

Give your chrysanthemums and other fall flowers a beautiful display with this easy to DIY faux copper vase. You’ll need dowel rods that you paint to look like rustic copper. These little vases are so gorgeous and utterly simple to create. You’ll want to make one for every room in the house.

34. Natural Room Scents

Give your home a little autumn pick me up and a luscious scent at the same time with these DIY natural room scents. Gather up those jelly or mason jars and add any number of fruits, herbs, cinnamon sticks, and other ingredients. The smells are wonderful and they look so good in any room. This is a great way to get the smells of the season in the house without burning candles or spraying aerosols.

35. Pottery Barn Inspired Candles

Pottery Barn always has wonderful fall décor, but who wants to spend a small fortune to decorate? You can get the same look with these DIY candles, and save a ton of money. You will need a few supplies, including some acorns that really give the candles that autumn look. It’s an easy project and one that would make a wonderful gift for someone special.

36. Fall Wreath Chandeliers

These DIY fall wreath chandeliers are a must for your autumn decorating. You’ll need a grapevine wreath, which you can pick up at most craft stores, along with some fall leaves and other seasonal decorations. Some votives, a chain, and a few hooks, and you’ve got a gorgeous fall chandelier that you’ll want to hang all year long.

37. Wool Candy Corn

Nothing says fall better than candy corn, and now you can create some that will last all year long. These wool candy corns are amazing and so easy to DIY. You need a few cone shapes. You can pick up Styrofoam cones in various sizes at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores. Then take colored yarn in white, yellow, and orange, and just roll them up.

38. Candy Corn Wreath

Here’s another great candy corn decoration, but this one uses the real stuff. Use a Styrofoam or other solid wreath form and then just glue candy corn onto it, creating whatever pattern you like. You can hang it with a large black ribbon. Be sure that you keep it up away from small children and indoor pets as the candy may be too good to pass up.

39. Decorated Wine Bottles

Turn those empty wine bottles into works of art when you paint them for fall. Spray paint them a nice warm color and then write a message, like “fall” on them. These are great for displaying flowers with longer stems or you could just put twigs in them with splashes of color.

40. Candy Corn Centerpiece

Here’s another great candy corn decoration. Take a long glass dish, add candy corn, and then place votive holders and candles in the center. This is not only one of the easiest projects on the list, it’s also one of the most elegant. Display it on your dinner table or coffee table. It’s inexpensive and really gives off those fall colors.