55 Gazebo Design Ideas to Add Romance to Your Backyard

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    Do you have a romanticized vision of a gazebo in your yard? Before getting too carried away, consider some practicalities, like cost, the size of your yard, the size of the structure, availability of materials, and who is going to build it. Depending on the scope of the project, you may have to get plans approved by your city, which could take months. Other things to consider are the foundation, water drainage, plumbing, electricity, where it will be located and what functionality you’d like your gazebo to have.

    Don’t get discouraged: any project requires time and planning. While you’re working on details, get inspired by these beautiful and diverse gazebo ideas.

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      Picture Perfect

      A round gazebo with chairs

      FOTOGRAFIA INC / Getty Images

      Even though this gazebo looks simple, the woodwork is so intricate it’s its own garden art piece. The gazebo is the perfect size for two people to sit and relax together and take in the fruits of their labor.

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      Poolside Gazebo

      A gazebo next to a pool

      Anything Pools / Instagram

      A gazebo has multiple purposes, from creating a relaxing spot to sit in the shade to creating different zones in a large backyard. The gazebo in this backyard houses a seating area right off the pool deck so swimmers can grab a snack or take a break from the sun and water.

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      Traditional Gazebo

      A round ornate gazebo

      Mint Images / Getty Images

      When you hear the word gazebo, you most likely think of something that looks like this. The hexagonal shape allows for a 360-degree view of the garden and has a quaint design that fits seamlessly with the surrounding garden.

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      Natural Wood Gazebo

      A wood stained gazebo with a hammock and seating

      Wild Rose Country Home / Instagram

      This natural wood gazebo is the perfect backdrop for this boho-style outdoor living room. The comfortable seating, hanging plants, string lights and outdoor rug will make you want to spend hours outdoors.

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      Outdoor Living

      A gazebo with a black rug and outdoor sofa

      Kirsten Diane / Instagram

      If you live in a nice climate, you may want to create a living space outside. An outdoor sofa and rug, some plants and hanging string lights with woven pendant lights create a cozy living space where you can take in all the fresh air all weekend long.

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      Combining Indoor and Out

      A large white gazebo with curtains and seating

      Trinette Reed / Stocksy

      The half wall of this gazebo gives you the best of both indoor and outdoor lounging. The lattice wall brings interest to the gazebo while allowing you to still enjoy the view beyond.

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      A Whimsical Gazebo

      A gazebo filled with plants and seating

      Getty Images

      The arched opening is an inviting entrance to this cozy gazebo. The opposite end of the gazebo features a lattice wall that provides a beautiful view of the garden beyond while still making the seating area feel secluded.

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      A Spot to Get Away

      A gazebo with pink and white decor

      LuckyPlot13 / Instagram

      A gazebo is a great way to dedicate a spot you can call your own. LuckyPlot13 created this corner spot with a pergola and awning she can pull back when she wants to get some sun. Comfortable outdoor seating and a hanging hammock chair provide plenty of options to relax.

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      Dining Al Fresco

      A wood gazebo with a dining table

      Valery Yurasov / Getty Images

      This gazebo takes dining al fresco to a new level. The simple wood frame is the perfect backdrop for a meal outside. The surrounding garden, cloth covered table and café chairs make you feel as though you’re eating on the patio of your favorite restaurant.

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      Tropical Oasis

      A poolside gazebo with curtains

      Lady Landscape / Instagram

      This tropical-inspired backyard is complete with a large gazebo that features curtain walls so you can easily choose between privacy or enjoying the fresh breeze and view of the pool.

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      Completely Enclosed

      A glass enclosed gazebo

      Perry Mastrovito / Getty Images

      If you have a 360-degree view of nature in your yard, a dining table inside a gazebo is a must. This gazebo has all glass walls that give you the benefits of being indoors but allow you to enjoy the natural surroundings.

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      Add Simple Bench Seating

      gazebo ideas

      lovelypeace / Getty Images

      A classic gazebo is outfitted with simple wooden bench seating creates a lovely spot to contemplate the garden.

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      Poolside Entertaining

      A large gazebo with an outdoor kitchen

      Lady Landscape / Instagram

      Whether you enjoy getting into the pool or not, having a full-size outdoor kitchen poolside is the epitome of enjoying summer cookouts. This gazebo even includes an outdoor bathroom so you don’t have to trek all the way back to the house.

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      Backyard Zones

      An aerial view of a backyard with a pool, gazebo and pergola

      Lady Landscape / Instagram

      Every area of this backyard serves a purpose, from the pool and lounge area to the garden pergola and the small gazebo that protects from the outdoor elements. One side of the gazebo features a bar top and seating so you can enjoy a cocktail or meal when you aren’t busy swimming in the pool.

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      Add Glass Walls

      glass gazebo ideas

      Fantastic Frank

      Tempered glass protects this Scandinavian gazebo from Fantastic Frank from the elements. The metal and glass structure is placed on a stone patio connected to a walkway for a cohesive look. A round dining table and chairs turns it into an all-weather outdoor dining room.

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      Upsize It

      gazebo ideas

      Kara Mann

      This spacious outdoor living space from Kara Mann is a luxurious take on the concept of an outdoor gazebo, equipped with a fireplace, living and dining areas, exposed wood beam ceilings, wood floors, and gauzy curtains that frame the Napa Valley, CA view.

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      Front Porch Gazebo

      farmhouse gazebo ideas

      Liz Marie Blog

      Rather than being relegated to the backyard, this gazebo from blogger Liz Marie is integrated into the farmhouse front porch, making it visible from the front of the house and accessible from the main living space.

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      A Gazebo With a View

      A seating area next to a large gazebo

      Michelle Berwick Design

      You have your choice of sitting in the sun or shade in this backyard that features a large gazebo. The gazebo’s half glass wall provides security while still allowing to enjoy the beautiful view of the garden below.

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      White Brick Gazebo

      A white brick gazebo with an outdoor kitchen

      Mary Patton Design

      The white brick on this gazebo is the same material of the main home’s exterior and brings a cohesive look, while the wood ceiling adds contrast. With everything you would need to stay entertained, from a flat screen TV to a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, you’d probably spend more time outdoors than in.

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      Go All-White

      gazebo ideas

      Fantastic Frank

      This all-white gazebo from Fantastic Frank has an intricately detailed painted wrought iron frame with a matching table and chairs on the interior, and a white canvas roof to complete the airy and ethereal look.

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      Cabana-Style Gazebo

      A pool with a gazebo on the end

      Lady Landscape / Instagram

      Is there anything better than sipping on your favorite beverage while lounging on comfortable chairs next to the pool? We think not and Lady Landscape brought that to this backyard with a large gazebo that’s complete with a ceiling fan for those extra hot summer days.

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      An Entertainer’s Dream

      A contmporary poolside gazebo

      Michelle Boudreau Design

      This contemporary-style gazebo features everything you need to entertain outdoors. You can enjoy a meal at the high top table, prepare cocktails and appetizers in the kitchen area or sit back and watch a movie or a sports game with friends.

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      Give It a Spring Refresh

      gazebo decor ideas

      Liz Marie Blog

      Blogger Liz Marie gave her farmhouse gazebo a mini spring refresh by hanging a wood bead chandelier and adding a patio set, outdoor rug, small white buffet, vintage-style sign, and plants.

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      Grand Gazebo

      A poolside gazebo with grand columns

      Portra / Getty Images

      With grand columns that resemble Grecian architecture, this gazebo is the statement piece of this backyard. It could serve multiple purposes, from providing shade to serving as a dance floor for summer gatherings.

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      Make It Rustic

      rustic gazebo ideas

      La_Corivo / Getty Images

      This gazebo is designed to blend in rather than stand out in its rustic setting, with unpainted posts and roof shingles that echo the bark of the surrounding trees.

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      A Designated Spot for Your Hot Tub

      A gazebo with a hot tub and half glass wall

      tracielouise / Getty Images

      This gazebo is solely dedicated to housing a hot tub. The half glass wall let’s you enjoy the view while the gazebo protects from outdoor elements so you can relax in the tub day or night.

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      Add a Gravel Pathway

      gazebo ideas

      -slav- / Getty Images

      A gravel pathway carved out of this large green lawn gives this garden gazebo a sense of place. While gazebos traditionally have open sides, this painted white wood gazebo has closed sides with large arched windows and a matching door, with a gray shingled roof that gives it a classical look.

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      An Extension of the House

      A modern gazebo with a wood slat roof and wall

      Maite Granda

      This coastal-style house features clean lines and a bright white exterior, and the attached gazebo mirrors the look with its matching ceiling and white trim.

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      Upscale Gazebo

      A gazebo with a TV and seating area

      Lady Landscape / Instagram

      This gazebo is just as visually-appealing as the surrounding lush garden. The dark brick columns carry through to the freestanding fireplace and flooring while a wood ceiling creates the perfect contrast.

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      A Makeshift Gazebo

      A gazebo with an outdoor sofa and area rug

      Kirsten Diane / Instagram

      If a gazebo isn’t in your budget, you can create the same effect with a pergola and easy, budget-friendly additions like a corrugated fiberglass roof and curtains. The outdoor sofa and rug pull the whole look of the outdoor living room together.

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      Simple Yet Efficient

      A small gazebo with seating at the end of a backyard pool

      Marie Flanigan Interiors

      An outdoor sofa could easily transform into a gazebo for two with the addition of wood posts and simple drapes. This outdoor sofa is now solace from the sun.

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      Tranquil Lines

      An aerial view of a backyard with a gazebo, pool and pergola

      Lady Landscape / Instagram

      Straight lines in design create a tranquil feel, and this backyard doesn’t fall short. From the lines in the pergola and wood deck to the lines in the roof of the gazebo and stepping stones, this lush backyard brings an instant feeling of relaxation.

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      The Hammock Life

      A gazebo with curtains and a hammock

      Wild Rose Country Home / Instagram

      Taking a nap in a hammock is a great idea until you get a sunburn, but a gazebo can alleviate those worries. Wild Rose Country Home‘s gazebo features a hanging hammock chair you can spend hours in without worrying about sun damage.

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      A Fairytale Backyard

      A large round gazebo with hanging plants

      KG Designs

      There is something magical about white wisteria and this large round gazebo allows the wisteria in this garden to take center stage. The outdoor fireplace next to the seating area allows you to enjoy the backyard year-round.

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      Backyard Essential

      An elevated garden next to a gazebo and backyard pool

      Lady Landscape / Instagram

      Two of the most important things you need to create a backyard you will actually use and enjoy are a gazebo and plants. Lady Landscape planted perennials in this elevated garden to keep the space from feeling bare and added a gazebo at one end of the pool to make the backyard more usable even during hot summer days.

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      Outdoor Dining Area

      A small modern gazebo

      Lady Landscape / Instagram

      A modern-style wood gazebo helps separate the outdoor dining area from the rest of this backyard. The pendant lights mimic the color and shape of the chairs, while a stone accent wall adds texture.

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      A Gazebo for Chilly Fall Nights

      A large gazebo with seating

      Charbonneau Interiors

      Not only will this stone column gazebo provide shade during summer, but the attached fireplace with chimney makes this the perfect hangout spot to spend time with friends and family during chilly fall evenings.

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      Boho-Style Vibes

      A white gazebo with hanging woven pendant lights

      JC Designs / Instagram

      This gazebo provides a crisp white frame in this boho decor-inspired outdoor living room featuring rattan furniture, woven pendant lighting and an earthy color palette.

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      White on White

      A white gazebo with white curtains and seating

      Dazey Den

      Even though white is usually seen as a neutral color that blends in, it can really stand out in a backyard full of greenery. This all white gazebo features a thick white awning and curtains that provide privacy but keep the space feeling breezy.

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      A Midcentury Modern Twist

      A modern gazebo with dark wood and black slats

      Design by Cathie Hong / Photo by Margaret Austin

      This gazebo combines Caribbean elements with a touch of midcentury modern design. The cherry wood boards create a beautiful contrast with the black gazebo, while the outdoor sofa anchors the space.

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      A-Frame Gazebo

      An A-frame gazebo with a dining area

      Marie Flanigan Interiors / Instagram

      This A-frame gazebo not only adds visual appeal but also doesn’t impede views of the beautiful tall trees in the backyard. The white brick column and walls keep things private and still allow the space to feel open and airy.

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      A Gazebo for the Fall Season

      A firepit with a nearby black gazebo

      Wild Rose Country Home / Instagram

      During the fall, a gazebo with walls or curtains can protect you from cold wind while still allowing you to enjoy the crisp fall air. This backyard features a fire pit area right off a gazebo that has privacy curtains and lighting for nighttime s’mores.

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      Sunset Views

      Modern gazebo with wood slat walls and ceiling

      Dontstop / Getty Images

      The wood slats of this gazebo bring a fresh, contemporary look to the backyard. The placement of the slats protects from the sun’s rays during the hottest time of day yet still allows you to enjoy sunset views.

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      Extra Garden Space

      A pergola with hanging flower baskets

      Zhanen Mo/EyeEm / Getty Images

      If you’re a plant lover, a pergola or gazebo is a great opportunity to incorporate more plants into your outdoor space. We love the extra color these hanging flower baskets bring to this backyard.

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      A Minimalistic Gazebo

      A rusted metal gazebo in a Southwestern style backyard

      The Home Consultant

      Even though the style of this backyard is minimalistic, it’s decked out with a full-size pizza oven and an outdoor seating area that’s housed by a simple wood gazebo.

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      Privacy Curtain

      A poolside gazebo with a white curtain

      isitsharp / Getty Images

      The step up to this gazebo gives it a grand feeling. It has room for plenty of seating and the curtain in the back adds privacy while adding to the design aesthetic.

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      Screened In Gazebo

      gazebo ideas

      Kate Marker Interiors

      Kate Marker Interiors added screen doors to this outdoor gazebo to keep the bugs out and turned it into an outdoor living room that adds a bonus room on the grounds of a lake cottage remodel.

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      Deck It Out

      backyard gazebo ideas

      Craftberry Bush

      Craftberry Bush used the back deck of a London townhouse as a foundation for a large gazebo. The breezy modern outdoor living space includes woven furniture, gauzy curtains, and an outdoor rug.

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      A Simple Gazebo

      A backyard with a large pool and outdoor kitchen

      Erin Williamson Design

      A large backyard provides opportunity to create your perfect backyard and combine a variety of zones, textures and colors. The main feature of this backyard is the large lap pool, but the heart of the space is the outdoor kitchen that’s housed by a black metal gazebo that adds depth and texture.

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      Go Square

      gazebo ideas

      Design by Crisp Architects / Photo by Rob Karosis

      This white painted cedar gazebo built by Shiels Builders for Crisp Architects has a square shape and peekaboo windows rather than fully open sides.

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      Decorate It For Fall

      gazebo decor ideas

      Liz Marie Blog

      Blogger Liz Marie decorated her gazebo for fall with neutral tones and natural elements, from the jute rug to the farmhouse dining table strewn with a pompom blanket and a jumble of seasonal pumpkins.

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      Transform a Backyard Patio

      simple gazebo ideas

      Liz Marie Blog

      Blogger Liz Marie turned an unsightly backyard patio into a cozy outdoor living space by adding a gazebo

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      Streamlined Gazebo

      gazebo ideas

      Fantastic Frank

      This gazebo from Fantastic Frank uses simple elements to create a classical effect that doesn’t require building a permanent structure, from the metal framework to the canvas roof to the patch of gravel that subs in for a floor.

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      Trellis Gazebo

      A black trellis gazebo with seating

      Design by Calimia Home / Photography by Jeanne Canto

      A gazebo with a trellis rooftop is the perfect opportunity to hang lighting or grow vines. Black isn’t the first color you think of when designing your outdoor space, but this black gazebo and fence provide a stunning backdrop in this outdoor living room.

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      Christmas Gazebo

      gazebo ideas

      Liz Marie Blog

      Blogger Liz Marie used her farmhouse gazebo as a stage for a large Christmas tree that is decorated with simple white lights that match the rest of the holiday decor.