40 DIY Strawberry Planter Ideas for Container Planting

If you’re thinking about growing strawberries in containers then you’ll find this guide to DIY strawberry planter ideas as one of the most complete out there. Raising the fruit in planters of all types has become a popular trend and no wonder! Strawberry plants are some of the easiest to grow in pots, jars, boxes, tubes, fabric bags, even rain gutters, and any other planter shape you can think of. This plant is so versatile, you can plant it in a pile of hay and it’ll grow.

I grew up eating strawberries every day, and I still do. I used to raise them in flatbeds, directly in the ground. But today, growing berries in space-saving containers is very trendy, and there are hundreds of planter designs to choose from. The best part is that most can be made as easy DIY projects. You can grow strawberries in these types of containers:

  1. Vertical or Horizontal PVC Tubes
  2. Stack-a-pot planters
  3. Wooden Towers
  4. Strawberry Pyramid planters
  5. Tiered planters
  6. Strawberry Jars (terracotta or plastic)
  7. DIY Barrel planters
  8. Small flower pots
  9. Grow bags
  10. Hanging planters and baskets
  11. Rain gutters
  12. Fabric pockets
  13. Pallets
  14. Repurposed plastic containers
  15. Cinder blocks