30 Eɑsy DIY Wall Art Decor Ideɑs

Finding wall decor ideas to refresh your space? Those empty walls are filled with possibilities—and the 30 Easy DIY Wall Art Decor Ideas will turn your stark, bare walls into stylish centerpieces. No matter your style, we’ve got creative DIY and craft projects that can amp up your walls and bring out your personality and taste.

When it comes to designing space for your home to become more attractive, you can’t help considering blank walls, this is an easy place for making a big impact with your little effort, money, or time. A simple decor change can also help make your boring wall a more welcoming spot for entertaining and relaxing. Whether you’re an art collector, a nature enthusiast, or a book lover, your walls can be customized so that you can be surrounded by the things you adore. And these ideas are for you, let’s start one for your house right now!

#1 Clipboard Art

Source: Idealhome

#2 Vintage Book Art Collection

Source: Andersenseven.typepad

#3 Great Way To Use Dried Flowers

Source: Pinterest

#4 Hand Print Art

Source: Lollyjane

#5 Cutting Board Wall Art

Source: Upcyclemystuff

#6 Wood Slice Art

Source: Flickr

#7 Beautiful Spring Decorating Idea

Source: Tidbits-cami

#8 DIY Yarn Art

Source: Diys

#9 Wooden Pallet Wall Art

Source: Mungfali

#10 Branch Decor

Source: Elle

#11 Driftwood Square Wall Art

Source: Pinterest

#12 Wreaths Hanging From A Branch

Source: Aimeeweaverdesigns

#13 Mason Jar Hanging Planter Home Decor Wall Decor Rustic

Source: Etsy

#14 Plate Wall Art

Source: Blog.westelm

#15 Rustic Wall Decor Idea

Source: Cutediyprojects

#16 Create an Empty Picture Frame Gallery Wall

Source: inmyownstyle

#17 Mirror And Mirror

Source: Pinterest

#18 Branch Wall Art Decor Idea

Source: Homebnc

#19 Unique Farmhouse Wall Decoration Idea

Source: Matchness

#20 Decorative Coastal Cubes With Starfish And Shell Cutouts For Unique Wall Decor

Source: Completely-coastal

#21 Wallflowers Art

Source: Whitsamusebouche

#22 Create A Boho Basket Wall Decor

Source: Uptodateinteriors

#23 DIY Colorful Crate Wall

Source: Mrkate

#24 CD Wall Art

Source: Instantparty

#25 Kitchen Art

Source: Sammydvintage

#26 Basket on the Wall

Source: Kellyelko

#27 Rustic Wall Art

Source: Craft-mart

#28 Vertical Garden For A Living Wall Art Idea

Source: Farmfoodfamily

#29 DIY Wall Basket Decor

Source: Cutertudor

#30 DIY Wood Wall Art

Source: Amber-oliver