30 Backyard Decoɾating Ideas to Creɑte the Perfect Outdooɾ Retreat

There’s nothing like being able to head home at the end of the day and have a relaxing place to unwind. Even if you can’t go far from home you can turn your outdoor place into a personal oasis. Check out these ideas for easy ways to make your backyard a relaxing retreat !

Even if you have a smaller patio or deck area, potted plants can add ambiance and the feeling of nature.

Plants at staggered heights in shade areas such as pots of ferns, figs and tropical plants,

and for areas with more sun exposure banana trees and bird of paradise make great container plants that well in the summer heat. Hedges such as arbor vitae can create privacy and green backdrop.

Outdoor furniture and decor now has a more refined feel than a few years ago. By adding rugs that look more like indoor area rugs, throw pillows with patterns that don’t scream “back deck”

and even outdoor lamps that look more like indoor lamps (solar powered!) give a more “cozy” feel than decor that looks like it was made to sit outside.

Adding patio furniture that feels more like furniture with nice cushions instead of plastic lawn chairs is not only more comfortable to sit on, but looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Adding a gazebo, awning, pergola, patio umbrella or overhead covering to the outside lounge area creates a false ceiling and makes for a cozier and more enclosed outdoor living room.

Adding features such as a fountain, fire pit, or even water feature such as a small pond can add to the resort-like outdoor feel.

Even a small fountain with the sound of running water can be relaxing and help to mask distracting noise such as traffic or noisy neighbors.