28 Refreshing Water Feature Ideas for Your Landscape

Make a splash in your garden by adding a water feature. Rushing water and gentle splashes will make your garden appear cooler while giving it a calming feel. These fountains, bubblers, ponds and more provide inspiration for every style, from naturalistic to contemporary.

Add some farmhouse chic to your landscape with this simple backyard water feature. Half a wooden barrel goes well with a weathered water pump as a fountain. Add a few small aquatic plants like water lettuce if you like.

A water feature doesn’t have to be an eye-catching embellishment in the center of your garden. A fountain with an organic finish like this stone one easily blends in with other outdoor elements. Install it near an outdoor seating area to get the most out of it.

A narrow pool of water adds a bold element to any landscape. Here, the mostly monochromatic coloring complements the simple style of the water feature. Decorate the pool with repeating groups of plants, such as evergreens and hostas, to create a relaxing, symmetrical display.