27 Above-Ground Pools With Decks for Your Outdoor Space

An above-ground pool with a deck is an affordable and easier-to-install alternative to an in-ground swimming pool. Adding a deck will help to make your above-ground pool look integrated with your outdoor space while adding functionality by creating a dedicated place for lounging.

Whether you plan to DIY it or hire someone to build a deck for you, here are 27 ideas for above-ground pools with decks that will offer you the space you need to bask in the joy of your backyard swimming hole.

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    Modern Fence and Deck

    A pool with a fence and deck around it

    Designing Vibes

    Here’s an above-ground pool that has had a deck and fence put around it. It creates a modern look and is perfect for privacy concerns. There are also comfortable pool loungers and large potted plants that decorate around the pool.

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    Scrap Wood Deck

    A stock pool with a small wooden deck

    @lukecapasso / Instagram

    This pool is meant to be a baby pool but everyone is sure to enjoy it when the weather gets warm enough. Scrap wood was used to build the small deck that allows for easy access in and out of the pool.

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    Dreamy Deck

    A stock pool with a deck


    How about this dreamy setup? A deck with stairs have been added so it’s easy to get in and out of the pool. There’s a tutorial here that will show you how to build a stock pool deck.

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    Partial Deck and Edging

    An above ground pool with a deck and two men

    Chris Grazioli / Flickr

    This project goes to show you that you don’t need a full wrap-around deck. A partial deck like this one still gives you a place to get in and out of the pool, lounge, or keep items for storage. There’s also an edging her built with pavers and rock that really is an upgrade.

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    Large Pool Deck for Parties

    A container store swimming pool

    @cubepools / Instagram

    There’s enough seating and shades here for a nice-sized get-together, all surrounding this unique storage container pool. Rocks are added beside the pool and party lights are strung above.

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    Hexagonal Above-Ground Pool

    above ground pool with deck

    @ann.living / Instagram

    A hexagonal above-ground pool adds some modern geometry to this outdoor space from Ann Living, with a matching deck and staircase to access it from the gravel patio area below.

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    Pool Deck With Gated Access

    A deck connected to an above ground pool

    @lovealwaysgracielee / Instagram

    Add a gate or fence between the pool and the deck to keep kids or pets from accidentally going where they aren’t supposed to. Choose a wood for the gate that matches your deck or deck railing to create a seamless look.

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    Added Stairs and Railing

    Wooden stairs leading up to a swimming pool

    @farmhousetofrills / Instagram

    There was already a deck here connected to the above-ground pool. There’s just enough room to get in and out of the pool and sit a few loungers with a table. Stairs and railing were just added to make the space even more functional.

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    Plunge Pool Deck

    A plunge pool connected to the back of a house

    @brisbaneprestigeplungepools / Instagram

    This beautiful plunge pool is surrounded by a large deck that connects it the house. The deck is clean and modern and looks great with the home. The deck is big enough to give you lots of room for lounging about.

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    Sophisticated Deck

    A deck with lots of seating surrounding a pool

    @homeoontherock / Instagram

    This beautiful deck has been built around an above-ground pool and feels more like an extension of the home than a separate outdoor space. There’s plenty of comfy seating and shade for relaxing.

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    Matching Deck and Fence

    A mosaic tile above ground pool with a cedar deck and fence

    Brisbane Prestige Plunge Pools / Instagram

    Even a small backyard can be transformed into a relaxing oasis. This townhome’s backyard got an instant upgrade with a small round pool tiled in Cuban Blend Ceramics. The small deck leading up to the pool matches the fence for a clean, contemporary look.

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    Make It High-End

    A contemporary backyard with an above ground pool

    House of Harvee / Instagram

    Above-ground pools have come along way since their inception. House of Harvee‘s above-ground pool is surrounded with beautiful tiles that bring the colors of the white wall and bamboo accent wall together. A half glass wall separates the pool for safety without compromising on style, and a nearby lounge bed is the perfect place to take a nap in the sun after going for a dip.

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    Add a Gazebo

    An above ground pool with a large deck and gazebo

    Anything Pools / Instagram

    With an above-ground pool like this, you can host summertime gatherings for all your friends and family. The deck has plenty of space for people to sunbathe while the nearby gazebo houses an outdoor kitchen perfect for summer cookouts.

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    Weatherproof Deck

    An above ground pool with a light gray deck

    Farmhouse to Frills / Instagram

    This weatherproof deck is a great place to dry off after a swim or provides a place to sit and dip your toes in. A nearby sitting area is great to watch the kids play in the pool or for relaxing with a glass of wine after a day of swimming.

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    Modular Pool Design

    An above ground modular pool with lounge chairs

    Tangle Pools / Instagram

    If you have room for a lap pool, a modular pool is a great option. It’s more budget-friendly and has a modern look many above-ground pools don’t have. This 20-foot pool by Tangle Pools features a deck that goes the entire length of the pool, providing plenty of room for lounge chairs and other outdoor furniture.

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    Easily Accessible

    An above ground pool with a wood deck and ramp

    T.B. Construction Inc. / Instagram

    If you want an outdoor pool because swimming is an exercise that’s easy on the joints, getting into the pool should be easy, too. This custom deck by T.B. Construction Inc. features ramps so you can easily get in and out of the pool.

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    Pool Deck With Backrest

    above ground pool with deck

    @herzenstimme / Instagram

    This above-ground pool from Herzen Stimme includes wood decking and a built-in backrest made of matching wood that creates a seating area for sunning with your feet in the pool.

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    Easy DIY Deck

    A stock tank pool with a wood slat deck and wall

    Salt Shack Backyards / Instagram

    A custom pool deck doesn’t require advanced skills. You can create a deck and privacy wall using 2x4s or wood pallets. This stock tank pool sits perfectly flush against this wood seating area that’s great for reading or sunbathing.

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    Small Seating Area

    An above ground pool with a small deck with railing

    Brothers Three Pools / Instagram

    Long gone are the days where you had to climb into an above-ground pool. The advancement of pools today allow you to customize the type of deck you want so you can get the most out of your backyard. We love this small deck that leads up to the pool and has room for a comfortable bench.

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    The Bigger, The Better

    An above ground pool with a large wood deck with railing

    T.B. Construction Inc. / Instagram

    This split-level deck serves dual purpose: The upper level gives you easy access to the above-ground pool while the lower level can house patio furniture, an outdoor grill and even a backyard game or two.

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    Multi-Level Deck Surround

    above ground pool with decking

     San Antonio Above-Ground Pool Co.

    How do you incorporate a flagstone patio with a new above-ground swimming pool? While beautiful and durable, walking on flagstone pavers in bare feet isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. These deck builders came up with a smart solution that eases the transition from flagstones to pool: a multilevel deck that creates a surround for the pool, giving it the appearance of an in-ground model. The wood decking is much kinder on swimmers’ bare feet and is more anti-slip than flagstones are. The deck levels also serve as low, wide steps leading up to the pool deck and can be used as casual seating or a place to dry off after swimming.

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    Concrete Pool Deck

    above ground pool with deck

    Fantastic Frank

    This small above-ground courtyard pool from Fantastic Frank is rendered in concrete, creating a modern patio-like feel that matches the courtyard flooring for a seamless look. The sleek concrete above-ground pool and integrated deck adds modern contrast with the traditional Mediterranean building.

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    Landscape an Open Side

    An above ground pool with a wildflower border

    SimplyCreativePhotography / iStock / GettyImages

    The 30-minute “No Swimming After You Eat” rule doesn’t have to apply here when you have a large deck with an outdoor dining area right off the above-ground pool. Wildflowers surround the large pool to help it blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings.

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    No Lifeguard on Duty

    An above ground pool with a wood deck and pool chairs

    WaterThat Pools / Instagram

    If your community pool is too crowded, an above-ground pool in your own backyard is the way to go. Especially if you can install it right by your existing deck. Add a couple lounge chairs and you have your very own private pool on a budget.

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    Luxurious Curved Deck

    An above ground pool with a curved stone deck

    Brothers Three Pools / Instagram

    This above-ground pool proves you can have the look of a traditional pool without the hassle and cost of one. The curved tile deck provides plenty of room for lounging and potted plants and a dolphin statue makes you feel like you’re at your favorite resort.

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    Enclosed Above-Ground Pool

    above-ground pool

    San Antonio Above-Ground Pools

    Built on a platform with a surrounding deck and fence, this pool area from the San Antonio Above Ground Pool & Spa Company becomes a private paradise. Swimmers and sunbathers can hang out at this backyard spot for hours, with space to lounge in and out of the pool as they please. The high walls provide a little added seclusion, which is something most residential pool owners desire. And the oval sunken above-ground pool has a look of permanence.

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    Colorful Above-Ground Pool

    above ground pool with deck

    Dazey Den

    A bright orange circular above-ground pool styled with orange and white seating and accessories is contrasted by a simple wood deck in this desert backyard space from Dazey Den.

How much does it cost to build an above-ground pool with a deck?

According to Angi, the cost of an above-ground pool with a deck ranges from $3,000 to $12,000.1 This figure will vary according to the type and size of your above-ground pool and deck, the kind of terrain that makes up your outdoor space, and the cost of materials and labor in your area. Keep in mind that building it yourself will take time but save money.

Does an above-ground pool with a deck add value to your home?

Because above-ground pools are considered temporary structures that can be disassembled and moved like other personal property, they are often not included in the appraisal of a home unless expressly stated. According to Angi, above-ground pools do not add value to homes and may even turn off buyers who may consider them an eyesore.2

What is the best deck material for an above-ground pool?

Swimming pool decks and surrounds can be constructed in a range of materials. The best choice of material for an above-ground pool deck depends on your style, budget, and availability of materials. Popular materials for above-ground pool decks include wood, composite decking, and plastic.