27 Above-Ground Pool Ideas to Beautify Your Swimming Spot

A nighttime view of an above ground pool with a large deck

Vaughn Hill Home / Instagram

Take a look at these above-ground pool ideas that are going to make your pool area more functional, relaxing, and most of all fun. Whether you’re looking to create a sophisticated spot for the adults or a pool party for the kids, you’re going to get a lot of ideas here on how to make it spectacular.

Some of these ideas you can easily do yourself and others may require a little bit more help. Whether it be adding a deck or creating a unique area for pool toys outside of a kiddie pool, these ideas will inspire you to put a little bit of pizzaz into your pool area.

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    The Ultimate Lounging Pool

    A pool with a long table with cushions

    @majagugo / Instagram

    This above ground pool is surrounded by relaxing places to sit, eat, and visit. The long table is surrounded by floor cushions and blankets, making it cozy even in colder weather.

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    Illuminated Stone

    An above ground pool with a stone facade

    Franklin FPA

    For a high-end look, this above ground pool features a stone facade that’s illuminated by garden lights. A nearby deck features a pizza oven that’s perfect for a a pizza pool party during summer days.

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    How to Paint a Stock Tank Pool

    A stock tank pool with a floatable pink flamingo

    Lolly Jane

    Stock tank pools are becoming a popular choice for an above-ground pool. This tutorial shows you how to paint the outside of one. The result is a chic pool that looks great. Besides the gorgeous transformation of the stock tank pool, you’ll notice several items around the pool that make it more enjoyable. An umbrella is near for shade, a bench where someone can take a seat, and hooks for towels.

    How to Paint a Stock Tank Pool from Lolly Jane

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    Small Space, High Style

    An above ground pool next to an outdoor kitchen

    Brisbane Prestige Plunge Pools / Instagram

    Even the most unusual and smallest of backyards can house an above-ground pool. This elevated backyard is one a slope and is smaller than a traditional backyard, but it uses the space efficiently. A narrow wood walkway gives easy access to the tiled pool and is a great spot to take in the surrounding views.

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    Colorful Mural

    A colorful mural behind a stock pool

    H2O Tank Avenue

    Add some privacy and color by adding a colorful mural by your above-ground pool. Metal has been put up with a wooden frame and then a primer coat of paint was added. Then the simple mural was painted. Some modern pool loungers and potted cacti make the space complete.

    Colorful Mural from H2O Tank Avenue

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    A Backyard Getaway

    An above ground pool with stone steps and facade

    Brothers Three Pools / Instagram

    The stone work on this semi-above ground pool is reminiscent of an Italian villa. The large potted plants that surround the pool, along with the water feature, help you get away without ever leaving your backyard.

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    Plunge Pool Dreams

    A palm tree and a backyard pool

    @cubepools / Instagram

    An above-ground plunge pool is surrounded her by lush greenery, vines, and a palm tree. Unique light fixtures give light to the pool and some nearby chairs.

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    Inflatable Pool Deck

    An inflatable pool in a backyard with a wood slat deck and wall

    @herzenstimme / Instagram

    If you don’t want to commit to an above-ground pool, you can still enjoy an inflatable whirlpool. Here, herzenstimme decked out her pool with a wood deck and a privacy wall. String lighting and other accessories really pull the space together.

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    Modern Getaway

    An above ground pool and blue loungers

    @anjayenunciates / Instagram

    This above-ground pool upgrade is going to take your breath way. The above ground pool is surrounded by a modern cedar deck. Pops of color have been added with the lounger cushions and it all has a relaxing feel to it.

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    Pool Water Feature

    An above ground pool with a stone facade and water feature

    Brothers Three Pools / Instagram

    Not only is an above-ground pool great for swimming and relaxing, but it can also serve as a beautiful garden feature. This above-ground pool by Brothers Three Pools features a large water feature, a stone facade, plants, lighting and large round stepping stones.

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    Paver Deck

    A stock pool with pavers surrounding it

    H2O Tank Avenue

    This above ground pool has been placed in a corner of the yard and has a unique deck made out out of pavers. A wooden walkway gives you a place to enter and exit the pool. Mulch surrounds the pool as well as a wide variety of plants and flowers. This makes for a very relaxing place to take a dip.

    Paver Deck from H2O Tank Avenue

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    Relaxing Oasis

    A sitting area beside a stock pool

    H2O Tank Avenue

    After you’ve enjoyed the pool, you can relax in this pretty sitting area. Cushioned chairs, throw pillows, and a rug makes this space special. A pergola sits over top with twinkle lights lighting up the whole area.

    Relaxing Oasis from H2O Tank Avenue

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    Pool Skirt

    An above ground pool with a lemon wrapping

    @poolskirt / Instagram

    Let your above-ground pool show off your style with one of these unique pool skirts. Made to fit a variety of pool sizes, these skirts will keep your space looking stylish.

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    Pool Fountain

    A pool with white flowers

    @kristiananevans / Instagram

    The latest addition to this beautiful pool was an inexpensive pool fountain that sits by the edge and creates a relaxing water flow over the pool. There’s a lot more going on here with the bright white flowers, lunging space, and covered deck.

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    Dreamy Getaway

    A woman sitting on the edge of a stock tank pool

    @airstreamisland / Instagram

    This dreamy oasis starts with a stock tank with the sides covered to match the surroundings. A walkway takes you through the lush garden, complete with plastic pink flamingos. A partial deck is built around the pool giving you some places to sit and relax.

    Dreamy Getaway from @airstreamisland / Instagram

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    Visually Appealing

    A stock tank pool with black and wood stairs

    House of Butterfield / Instagram

    A stock tank pool is an easy solution if you want a backyard pool without the maintenance or cost. It requires virtually no installation, it’s easy to clean and with a little TLC, it is aesthetically pleasing. House of Butterfield spruced up her black stock tank pool with a matching wood deck with stairs and outdoor pillows and an umbrella for a relaxing spot to sunbathe.

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    Barn Gate Turned Pool Towel Hanger

    A barn door with towels hanging on it

    Funky Junk Interiors

    Turn a vintage barn gate into something new with this project. Add a variety of old hooks and you have yourself a towel hanger that you can lean anywhere near the pool. The top of the gate even makes a little shelf perfect for sunscreen.

    Barn Gate Turned Pool Towel Hanger from Funky Junk Interiors

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    Backyard Fun

    A backyard with a pool

    @the_little_homesteader / Instagram

    You’ll have lots of fun in this backyard! A stock pool is surrounded by some gravel and pavers plus a stone walkway to get to and from the house. The back porch has seating and a grill. Looks like it’s ready for some fun!

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    Surrounded by Nature

    An outdoor pool surrounded by trees and flowers

    @ourcozylittlemnhome / Instagram

    What a beautiful setting for an above-ground pool! There are large trees and pretty flowers that surround the pool. Some landscaping is done with a path leading in and out of the pool.

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    Pallet Pool Noodle Oraganizer

    A pallet with pool toys

    Funky Junk Interiors

    This clever project is perfect if you have kiddos enjoying the pool. Take a single pallet and thread pool noodles through it for easy storage. Water toys and cleaning tools can also be stored here.

    Pallet Pool Noddle Organizer from Funky Junk Interiors

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    Room for Lounging

    A dog sitting by a pool

    @vaughnhillhome / Instagram

    If you want to have plenty of room for lounging by your above ground pool, you’ll want to take a look at this design. There’s room for chairs, plants, artwork, an umbrella, and even a lamp. Other additions include towel racks and a bench.

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    Perfect for a Night Swim

    A nighttime view of an above ground pool with a large deck

    @vaughnhillhome / Instagram

    The best part about your own backyard pool is that it’s always open, so you can go for a nighttime swim whenever you want. Vaughn Hill Home‘s backyard pool features a large deck with built in benches, lounge chairs and a gazebo with hanging string lights so you can go for a swim day or night.

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    A Private Oasis

    A hot tub with a surrounding wood deck and privacy walls

    @wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

    Even if you live in a crowded neighborhood, you can still make your backyard feel private and secluded. This hot tub in Wild Rose Country Home‘s backyard has a deck area to house towels and other items and a tall privacy screen to help escape the real world.

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    Deck Extension

    A deck built onto an above ground pool

    @summer_vale_cottage / Instagram

    The clear waters of an above ground pool have never looked so good sitting against this modern-looking deck extension. It would be an easy build and would add a lot of enjoyment to your pool.

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    Elevated Stock Pool

    A stock tank pool with an umbrella

    @hillcreekranch / Instagram

    This stock pool has been slightly elevated off the ground and surrounded by decorative pavers. An extra-large umbrella covers almost the whole pool, keeping everything shady. Keeping inflatables in the pool just makes it look more inviting.

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    Pool House

    A covered pool surrounded by a deck

    @sunevarbil / Instagram

    This small pool house has been built to compliment the above ground pool. Besides the pool house, there are chairs for relaxing in, and a lovely deck that really brings everything together.

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    Colorful Pool With Deck

    above-ground pool with deck

    Dazey Den

    Dazey Den chose to accent this above-ground pool and deck with bright shades of orange and white to give the backyard desert setting a cheerful and festive feel.

What makes an inexpensive above-ground pool look nice? 

You can help an inexpensive above-ground pool look more attractive by landscaping the base. From simple rock borders to grasses, plants, or flowers, adding landscaping will soften the edges of an above-ground pool and can be adapted to suit the style of your outdoor space, from minimal to lush. 

What can I put around my above-ground pool to make it look good?

One of the best ways to make your above-ground pool look more like an integrated fixture in your backyard rather than a standalone eyesore is to build a deck around it. An above-ground pool deck will make it easier to get in and out of the pool while creating a poolside lounge space. Set it up with comfortable seating and decorate with plants or colorful accessories.