Dog Refuses To Leave Construction Site Where She Last Saw Her Family

As a group of Good Samaritans informed Hall, that the dog had been hiding under a construction sign beside a busy road for three days, Hall was aware it would be difficult to catch the canine. Aside from being in a tricky spot, the puppy didn’t want to be taken from the place where she hoped to reunite with her family.


Hall said that the dog was so terrified of people. “People would try to go sit with her or walk past her with their dogs, and she would just bark at them”, Hall added.

It was still possible for some neighbors to assist in the rescue effort even though they could not approach the dog directly. The neighbor who offered to make hot dogs for Hall as bait was one such neighbor. Despite the fact that the trap contained warm hot dogs and no food, the dog refused to go in.


In the end, Hall decided to leave the trap at the construction site overnight and try again early the following morning.

The puppy was exactly where the rescuer had last seen her when Hall arrived at the construction site the following morning, but something wasn’t right. The area was calm this time, and the dog appeared less frightened.


“I freshened up the trap and pretended I was leaving,” Hall said. “I drove down the street, and then I saw her get up and start circling the trap.” When Hall drove back to the construction site, she found the dog safely in her trap.


Hall recalled that after she freed Bella from her trap, she was so terrified. Despite the fact that she looked cold, Bella was so kind. “So I spent a lot of time with her just loving her and rubbing her,” she said.

The dog was then taken to the veterinarian, where a separate, calm space had been created just for her to rest for a few days. And, together, they gave the dog a name that suited her. “We named her Bella,” Hall said. “She just looked like a Disney princess to us.”


As soon as Bella realized she was safe and loved, she began to come out of her shell. Bella’s foster parent is a kind vet tech, so Hall is confident that Bella will flourish there and eventually find the happily ever after she deserves. “That little construction sign doesn’t have to be her home anymore,” Hall said. And she no longer needs to wait.

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