You don’t want to use your teapots or buckets again for some reason, maybe they are too old, or they didn’t fit your using purpose. Throwing them out is the first thing you will do, right? Don’t do that after reading the posts today. Here we have some ideas to transform your unused items into useful planters that you will amaze. Each has its own beauty, which means you will have different feelings in them. To know how they look, let’s explore them with us right now!

To own one-of-a-kind these planters, you don’t have to spend a lot of effort because teacups are very easy to find and inexpensive. Even, some are available around your home. With these ideas, you not only have beautiful and cute planters but also you can save a lot of money on buying planters outside. You can use this list as a springboard for your own ideas, a bit of inspiration to help you make your own garden boot planter. Let’s choose one make try! We hope you’ll enjoy each of these variations on the traditional teacup planter!

#1 Vintage Funnel Planters

#2 Clay Pot Tower Planters

#3 Pallet Flower Planters

#4 Window Box Flower Planter

#5 Dresser Flower Planters

#6 Teapot Flower Planter

#7 Bucket Flower Tower Planters

#8 Rusty Milk Junk Flower Planters

#9 Wooden Chair Planter

#10 Old Shoe Flower Planters

#11 Old Tire Planter

#12 Repurposed Mailbox To Grow Petunias

#13 Bird Cage Flower Planters

#14 Bicycle Planter

#15 Old Chair Planter

#16 Ladder And Bucket Flower Planter

#17 Upcycled Cable Spool Planter

#18 DIY Salvaged Junk Planter

#19 Tree Stump Planter

#20 Barrel Flower Planter

#21 Hanging Barrel Planter

#22 Birdbath Planter

#23 Bathtub Flower Planter

#24 Old Boat Flower Planter

#25 DIY Candelabra Flower Planter