25 Outdoor Wateɾ Feɑtᴜre Ideɑs Mɑde Fɾom RecycƖed Materials

If you want to add a unique element to your backyard, try a one-of-a-kind DIY water feature here! The 25 Outdoor Water Feature Ideas Made From Recycled Materials here will help your garden space become full of freshness and energy. Also, they will inspire you to know what the right ways to reuse old items around the home instead of throwing them away. Reusing old objects in the house into the garden not only helps reduce clutter but also protects the environment.

There is nothing better than creating a more beautiful and relaxing garden than the perfect balance of elements. And these DIY water features, like the list below, are the perfect way to give your garden this amazing facelift. They are not about aesthetics alone, the acoustics of water also help in shaping a more calming, serene backyard. Save and try some in your garden right now!

#1 Beautiful Idea With Old Milk Cans

Source: Riette van der Westhuizen

#2 DIY Water Fountain Using Terracotta Pots And Old Dishes

Source: Pinterest

#3 Recycled Disks For Water Feature

Source: Carolyn Augustine

#4 Wheelbarrow Water Feature

Source: Ourfairfieldhomeandgarden

#5 Watering Can with Metal Bucket For Water Feature Idea

Source: Linda Evans

#6 Rustic Water Feature Using An Old Well Pump, Wine Barrel, And Railway Sleepers

Source: James Summerhayes

#7 Wheelbarrow And Well For Water Fountain Idea

Source: Carey Duncan Bueno

#8 Old Pallet And Wine Bottle Water Fountain

Source: Tyla

#9 Broken Pot Water Feature

Source: Pondplace

#10 A Sink Upcycled Into A Pretty Diy Water Feature

Source: Charlene Mayne

#11 Glass Bottle Water Feature

Source: Backyardboss

#12 An Old Claw Foot Bath Made Into A Water Feature

Source: Pinterest

#13 Whiskey Barrel Fountain

Source: Theownerbuildernetwork

#14 Water Feature With Watering Cans

Source: Pilgrimandpie.blogspot

#15 Simple Rock Water Feature

Source: Pinterest

#16 Piano Water Feature

Source: Sara DeYoung

#17 Water Bucket Idea

Source: Pinterest

#18 “Tea Time”!

Source: Msgreenthumbjean.blogspot

#19 DIY Water Feature Using Old Bench And New Watering Can

Source: Pinterest

#20 Metal Farmhouse Garden Fountain

Source: Etsy

#21 Old Boat Used For A Spillway Into A Small Pond

Source: Dixie Living

#22 Pallet Waterfall

Source: Therealgardener

#23 Triple Trough Fountain

Source: Conants Wine Barrel Creations

#24 DIY Solar Power Fountain

Source: Mikhail Danilov

#25 Gazing Ball Bubbler Fountain

Source: Bhg