25 DIY Sculpture Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Projects

Instead of springing for expensive pieces, making DIY sculptures can also be a lot easier on your wallet. You can create an oh-so-similar version or one-of-a-kind idea for a fraction of the price, and you’ll have pleasant when you made it yourself. So, get inspired to decorate your indoor and outdoor space with these 25 DIY Sculpture Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Projects! You’ll love the variety of DIY home and garden decor you can create, from chandeliers to glass bottle trees to other decorations.

Handmade ideas are also the perfect solution for adding interest to your living space, they will fill your blank walls or empty spaces or give them personality. Most projects we share today from Pinterest can be made in a weekend, an afternoon, or even an hour! It’s time to block off some quality alone time, gather up your friends, or ask your little ones to join in on the fun.

#1 Tree Branch Light Chandeliers

#2 Such a Beautiful Couple!

#3 Old Wine Bottle Art

#4 Colorful Flowers

#5 Eggshell Wall Art

#6 Resin Light Sculpture Autumn Lamp Fall

#7 DIY Tree Art Sculpture

#8 An Unique Floor Lamp

#9 Beautiful Christmas Ladder Village

#10 Lighting Twig Idea

#11 Branch Wall Art

#12 Natural Wall Decor

#13 A String Light Tree

#14 Wood Slice Wall Sculpture

#15 A Great Driftwood Project

#16 A Mirror Sculpture

#17 “Brocken” Lamp

#18 Exciting Gallery Wall Art

#19 A World Of Old Bike

#20 Lightes Oyster Shell Tree

#21 Old Frame Art

#22 Gilded Grain Wall Sculpture

#23 Driftwood Sculpture Centerpiece

#24 Chandelier Made Out of Paper

#25 Sea Dive Ocean Sculpture