24 Inspiring Outdoor Hanging Swing Ideas

Whether for relaxing or fun, an outdoor swing can create lasting memories that you or anyone in your family will enjoy. So if you have a large space such as a garden, backyard, front yard, porch, or patio, adding a swing surely promises great things ahead. And in the article today, we will share 24 Inspiring Outdoor Hanging Swing Ideas to make your own interesting outdoor space.

A hanging backyard swing on a shaded with green trees always makes for a relaxing early morning or late afternoon. If you need to add some shade to your space, try a pergola. In addition to projects for adults to unwind, there are some for your kids that they will fall in love with and prefer playing on it. These ideas might seem like a big project, but some of them actually very simple and doable even for a beginner. Choosing one that you love and try making it!

#1 A Pretty Wooden Swing


#2 Recycled Old Tire Swing

#3 A Hanging Swing Idea Under The Shade of Green Trees


#4 A Swing Bench Under Simple Wooden Pergola

#5 Garden Swing for Summer Enjoyment


#6 A Hanging Sofa Swing with String Lights

#7 A Bed Swing Under The Shade Of Tall Tree In the Garden

#8 Pallet Swing Under The Tall Trees

#9 A Unique Swing with Water Feature

#10 A Long Chair Swing

#11 A White Swing For Flower Garden

#12 A Lovely Swing For A Romantic Place

#13 A Hanging Wooden Swing

#14 A Rustic Swing Under Big Branch Of Old Tree with Other Flowers and Plants

#15 A Painted Colorful Swing

#16 A Swing Bed

#17 Simple Swing Idea Just With Wood and Rope

#18 Two Wooden Swings Next To Green Wall and Flowers Around

#19 A White Swing With Vine Plants

#20 A Relaxing Swing For Your Own Heaven

#21 A Painted Black Wooden Swing

#22 A Simple White Swing To Get Warm Sun and Light Breeze

#23 A Stunning Bed Swing Under Pergola

#24 A Swing Bench For Pathway