23 Creative Ways to Utilize Pegboards for Your Indoor Plants

If you want to organize your plants in new ways and decorate your home with style, these Pegboard ideas today are for you. Pegboards are boards with a grid-like pattern of small, evenly spaced pre-drilled holes for pegs. You can use them by hanging, mounting, or leaning them against a wall, and then you can insert pegs or hooks into the holes to support a variety of items, of course, this includes your plants.

Pegboards are versatile and becoming more and more common in homes. Using pegboard for plants means you can have unlimited options for organizing and decorating. And here are 23 Brilliant Ideas To Use Pegboards For Your Houseplants that will help you to display your green friends in style without taking too much space. They are practical and easy! Check them out to find your own inspiration!


#1 Modern Wood Pegboard Shelf

Source: Etsy

#2 Pegboard For Succulent Display

Source: Unknow


#3 Pegboard For Potted Plants In Bathroom

Source: Hometalk

#4 Display Different Housplants

Source: Homehacks


#5 Small and Classy

Source: Skinnylaminx

#6 Wooden Pegboard / Display Board

Source: Etsy


#7 DIY Living Wall With Devine Color On Pegboards

Source: Cakeandconfetti

#8 Plant Potted And Hanging

Source: Decorfacil


#9 Floating Shelves Pegboard

Source: Etsy

#10 Pegboard Shelf  With Hanging Mirror

Source: Thedesignfiles


#11 Cactus Pegboard

Source: Etsy

#12 Pegboard Walls

Source: Dezeen


#13 Pegboard Stand

Source: Revistacasaejardim

#14 Pegboard For Succulents And Indoor Plants

Source: Shelterness


#15 Pegboard To Hang Wooden Planks

Source: Qanvast

#16 Plant Pegboard DIY

Source: Reddit


#17 Modern Wood Peg Board Wall Shelf

Source: Etsy

#18 Freestanding Pegboard With Shelving Kit

Source: Variantspaces


#19 Pegboard Shelving

Source: Vintagerevivals

#20 A Pegboard Hanging Planter DIY

Source: Ohjoy


#21 Pegboard For Hanging Plant Pots

Source: Threefourfivefurniture

#22 Pegboard For Air Plant Display

Source: Pholder


#23 A Pegboard Divider

Source: Twitter