22 DIY Wine Cork Home Decor Ideas

After each time enjoying a wine frappé, you’re left with some leftover materials such as an empty wine bottle and a wine cork. Instead of tossing those wine corks out, save and reuse them for DIY projects to decorate your living space. We’ve collected a bunch of DIY projects and ways to put corks to good use around the house, from artsy to practical, they are pretty home decor additions year-round.

They are easy and fun to make, while being budget-friendly and also super cute without requiring a lot of your effort, thereby you can’t go wrong making any one of these cool craft ideas with wine corks. With materials made from softwood, easy to shape, and long-lasting, wine cork can become your own unique decorations. If you love the versatility of craft ideas that wine corks have inspired, it’s time to try making!

#1 Recycled Wine Cork Mosaic Abstract Wall Art 3D

Source: Etsy

#2 Epoxy Cork Countertops

Source: Bestbartopepoxy

#3 Wine Cork Wall Decor Wood Wall

Source: Etsy

#4 DIY Large Wine Cork Ball

Source: Whatsurhomestory

#5 Wine Cork Door Wreath

Source: Etsy

#6 Large Wine Cork Frame For Family Pictures

Source: Ohmy-creative

#7 Wine Cork Covered Cachepot

Source: Hometalk

#8 Wine Cork Small Table

Source: Cen.yandex

#9 Wine Cork Chair

Source: Conexaodecor

#10 Wine Cork Mulch

Source: Edenmakersblog

#11 Wine Cork Lamp

Source: Behance

#12 Holiday Christmas Decor

Source: Bobbi McGee

#13 Wine Cork Curtain

Source: Blog.lulus

#14 Wine Cork Bucket

Source: Ketkes

#15 Wine Cork Wall

Source: Instagram

#16 Wine Cork Mirror Frame

Source: Pinterest

#17 Wine Cork Hooks

Source: Gracedruecke.wordpress

#18 Metal Wall Bar and Wine Cork Holder – Wall Art

Source: Squantradingcompany

#19 Wine Cork Doormat

Source: Hobbylesson

#20 DIY Wine Cork Corkboard

Source: Karenkavett

#21 Wall Art Decor Idea

Source: Buzzfeed

#22 Wine Cork Trivet Wine Gift Rustic Table Decor

Source: Etsy