21 Indoor Big Houseplɑnts To Refresh Your Interior



Any interior will look fresher by adding houseplants. For those of you who like gardening but don’t have enough land, perhaps making an indoor garden is an easy and practical solution that you can try at home. Placing ornamental plants has proven to be effective in creating a natural impression into the room. Not only small plants, even the bigger indoor plants, the better.

Big indoor plants not only create a green oasis in the interior, but also become a focal point that attracts the attention of anyone who sees it. If you are interested in bringing these large indoor plants, there are a few things you should know. In addition to proper spatial arrangement, choosing the type of big plants also affects the appearance and survival of your plants.

Today I’m excited to share some great indoor plant ideas that you can apply to any interior style. Create your own tropical paradise, or freshen up the room with these indoor plant decorations!


Choosing the right big indoor plants

Not all plants can grow indoors, especially if your house is far from sunlight. The solution you can put the plant in a place closest to the outdoors, such as a door or window. However, this method is still not enough if you choose the wrong type of plant. Several types of big plants can grow well indoors, for example tropical plants or broad-leaved plants such as monstera plants and birds of paradise. Big cactus are also easy to care for, they do not require extra attention and can grow in low light. For a tropical look, you can choose a variety of palms, ferns, to rubber plants that are currently popular. Find more inspiration below!










Decorate the interior with big plants

Any room will look beautiful and fresh with ornamental plants. This also applies to large plants that are the main attraction in the interior. Big plants give a natural feel and are great focal points, even for small spaces. You can put one large tree in a certain corner of the room or combine it with several medium-sized plants. Large plants add an interesting theme such as giving a holiday feel, a tropical forest, or amazing planter ideas with large pots. These decorations are quite easy because they will beautify any room in the house, like your living room, bedroom, dining room, even your kitchen.