20 Insρiɾing Mɑcrame Decor Ideas With Nɑtural Accents


Want to bring a bohemian style into your home? Macrame is one of the decorations that best reflects this style. From wall hangings, potted plant covers, curtains, and more, find accessories to add the boho chic element that best suits your personality. Macrame comes in various artistic shapes and colors, this decoration not only displays unique characteristics but also comes in a variety of amazing arts and crafts.

If you want to present something different, also ensure that it has its own aesthetic beauty, the boho style is the best choice. That’s because the boho style has no specific rules. The essence of this style is something that is not standard, casual, and personal. Macrame not only makes your room feel relaxed, this accessory often utilizes many elements that are combined aesthetically without losing the character of the boho style itself.

Macrame consists of various motifs, shapes, and different functions. Here are some inspirational macrame decorating ideas for those of you fans of the boho style. Scroll down and find the decorating tips!


Get to know macrame as a bohemian style

Before you decide what kind of macrame decoration will best suit your interior, it’s a good idea to know what macrame is? Macrame is almost like a craft. It is an art technique of tying a rope or cloth to form a weave that can be used as a decoration. Each of these ties is made directly manually by hand. This technique is usually also often combined with woven or knitting techniques.

However, thanks to many creative designers and connoisseurs of the boho style, the art of macrame can be expanded even further. People with creative ideas can make a wide variety of items and decorations using the macrame technique. Macrame crafts are currently much sought after as part of home decoration. The wide selection allows you to place a lot of macrame crafts to beautify the interior.










Macrame as boho furniture and decoration

The boho interior style gives a unique look to the interior. This style uses a lot of arts and crafts, unusual furniture, to decorations that show your personality personally. Macrame has a variety of shapes that make it suitable as furniture and boho decoration. Starting from wall hangings, shelf hangers, storage baskets, chandeliers, and much more. Adding macrame can add aesthetic value to any room. Check out more macrame craft inspiration and find out which one is your favourite!