20 Faιrytale Garden Ideas Mɑde From Old Fuɾnitᴜre

Do you know that a piece of furniture has outlived its use in your house doesn’t mean it’s no longer useful? Check out 20 Fairytale Garden Ideas Made From Old Furniture that will bring you great inspirations to turn old pieces of furniture into beautiful garden decorations. Gardens not only have flowers and plants, but you can also create fun garden designs with materials that you might not be able to use at your home.

From an old wheelbarrow, a teapot, a dresser drawer, or even a broken terra cotta pot, they can provide the foundation for your little scene and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create one. Whether your garden is small or large, these fairytale garden ideas will allow you to create your own whimsical world.

#1 French Garden Chair

Source: Rootedinthyme.blogspot

#2 Metal Bed Frame Garden

Source: Paintingsilentpoetry.tumblr

#3 DIY Moss Covered Arm Chair

Source: Angelapingel

#4 Sofa Fairy Garden

Source: Mworksltd.wordpress

#5 The Flower and Garden Show

Source: Prairierosesgarden.blogspot

#6 Piano Planter

Source: Flickr

#7 An Old Claw Foot Tub Becomes A Whimsical Planter

Source: Katherine Williamson

#8 Recycled Cello Planter

Source: Funkyjunkinteriors

#9 Garden Typewriter Decorated with Succulents and Moss

Source: Meeganmakes

#10 Front Bench Flower Garden

Source: Boredpanda

#11 DIY Old Shopping Cart Upcycle Into A Pretty Flower Garden

Source: Art Design Joy

#12 Old Teacup and Pot Fairy Garden

Source: Lifeisaparty

#13 Transform Dresser Drawers Into A Flower Garden

Source: Hometalk

#14 Recycled Sofa Garden

Source: Flickr

#15 Garden Bench to Planter

Source: Hometalk

#16 Suitcase Planter

Source: Redouxinteriors

#17 Bicycle Garden

Source: Poetrysoup

#18 Mailbox Garden

Source: Pinterest

#19 Grill Planter

Source: Patricia Corcoran

#20 Fairy Garden In Wash Tub

Source: Kristine Liscoe (Sefsic)