20 DIY Cool Tower Garden Ideas

Like vertical gardens, tower gardens also save space. Especially, when the growing season comes around, gardeners want to try to figure out the right and best way to grow plants. If you also own small outdoor spaces or a limited backyard, this doesn’t mean you can not grow your favorite flowers, fruits, and veggies rather than just a plant bed. Go to the 20 DIY Cool Tower Garden Ideas, you will get something a little more creative.

From decorating plants such as succulents, cacti, and flowers to growing food like edible plants, vegetables, and herbs, or practically anything but vine plants in them, all without taking up much space at all. You can grow what you want while creating a sustainable garden, and a breathtaking landscape. They’re all pretty awesome in one way or another to give your vertical spaces some beautifying revamp! Read through the ideas and see which ones will work best for your space.


#1 Galvanized Tipsy Pot with Water Feature

Source: acultivatednest

#2 Raised Garden Bed

Source: kitchenfunwithmy3sons


#3 Succulent Tower with String Lights

Source: kitchenfunwithmy3sons

#4 A Lush Flower Tower

Source: mydesiredhome


#5 Farmhouse Galvanized Flower Tower

Source: acultivatednest

#6 Hanging Tower

Source: pinterest


#7 Cactus and Succulent Tower

Source: gardenhealth

#8 Herb Garden Tower

Source: idealhome


#9 Fairy Garden Tower

Source: architectureartdesigns

#10 DIY Pole Flower Tower

Source: ideastand


#11 Unique Flower Pots

Source: pinterest

#12 DIY Terra Cotta Pot Succulent Tower

Source: Enid Irizarry


#13 DIY Terra Cotta Pot Flower Tower with Metal Watering Can

Source: Amanda Parry

#14 Old Tire Flower Tower

Source: tumblr


#15 Spring Topsy Turvy Pots

Source: thekeeperofthecheerios

#16 Fairy Garden Tower for Home Number

Source: tumblr


#17 PVC Pipe Tower

Source: homehacks

#18 Vegetable Garden Tower

Source: tipjunkie


#19 DIY Succulent Tower Tabletop

Source: thehousehouse

#20 Strawberry Tower

Source: flickr