20 Creative Wooden Bowls Decor Ideas for a Unique Decorative Flair

With the right wooden bowls decor ideas, you can discover more creative ways to add decorative items throughout your home. So, you want to decorate your home with smaller items, but you are unsure how to place them. That is where wooden bowls come in handy. A wooden bowl is freedom. It provides you with all the space you need to set the scene, to place items in unique and stylish ways to help them stand out in any room. Also, wooden bowls are wonderful for seasonal or holiday decor. The base is neutral enough so that you can use it season after season.

Gorgeous Wooden Bowls Decor Ideas to Style your Home

Other than its use as a base, a wooden bowl is also perfect on its own for decorative purposes. These bowls are a beautiful way to add a touch of nature to your home’s decor. They are versatile too, ranging in style from simplistic and minimalistic to having a more artistic layout. This way, you can use them alongside a variety of styles with ease. So, the only trouble you may ever find yourself in is deciding what kind of wooden bowl you want to use and exactly how you want to use it. Our list of some of our favorite decorative ideas should help you along the way.

1. Floral Themed Wooden Bowl Set Up

Get yourself a wooden bowl with a decent amount of height to help further highlight your decorative setup inside. It elevates the host of flowers, making them the ultimate star of the piece. This is also a nice way for you to add some extra color as the wooden base allows the flowers to pop even more.

2. Rustic Outdoor Inspired Wooden Bowl Display

Bring the outdoors into your home with this awesome wooden bowl design. The bowl is spacious, freeing you to add plentiful of items to it. Green is the main theme here, and it plays off the wooden bowl effortlessly. This is the type of design that works well in a rural home.

3. Charming Springtime Dough Bowl Display

Bring a collection of spring into your home with this beautiful wooden bowl display. The lighter color of the bowl blends well with the decorative items used. There is a natural feeling to it all thanks to the various shades of greens, beiges, and browns.

4. Wooden Bowl Styled with Flowers

Flowers are always a cool way to style any wooden bowl. In this case, when the bowl is a nice size, consider using oversized flowers. They will only complement such a bowl, and you can even stack them, creating a gorgeous little arrangement that works perfectly as a centerpiece.

5. Rustic Homemade Decorative Dough Bowl

Dough bowls are always fun to use for decorative purposes. They have a charming look to them, and you can set a host of different items inside. However, even without items, this sizeable dough bowl still leaves a lasting impression thanks to its rustic, farmhouse-like look.

6. Spring Vignette Dough Bowl Design

Dough bowls never fail to impress when it comes to offering all the space you need for vignettes. If you want one to make a lasting impression, consider going larger. This way, you can add even bigger decorative items. For springtime, greenery is ideal.

7. Dark Modern Wooden Bowl Decor

Go for a modern look with your decorative wooden bowl by opting for the right pieces such as candles. This style can honestly blend a hint of farmhouse or rustic alongside the modern style too considering what you decide to use as candle holders. Meanwhile, the greenery works well at adding a cool use of color.

8. Gorgeous Wooden Bowl Easter Centerpiece

Fully embrace the holidays with this captivating centerpiece. The wooden bowl does a great job at supporting this design that easily blends elegance with rustic. There is an artistic look about the centerpiece too that helps capture an airy, refined, and welcoming feeling.

9. Lengthy Farmhouse Styled Dough Bowl

Farmhouse and wooden bowls seem to go hand in hand. The bowl has a lovely simplicity too it while still having some incredible length to better support such a bold display of flowers. Thanks to its size, you can use this as an easy centerpiece.

10. Sweet Rustic Wooden Dough Bowl Design

This smooth, hand carved dough bowl may be just what your table needs to fill up that empty space. There is some lovely depth to the bowl as it is handmade, ensuring that each piece winds up being distinct in some manner or another.

11. Beautiful Wooden Bowl Candle Display

When it comes to wooden bowls decor ideas, this is one that has such strong versatility. For one thing, it starts out as a candle display, and a gorgeous one at that. Once it all burns out, however, you are encouraged to clean it out and use the bowl fresh to hold anything you’d like.

12. Decorative Wooden Bowl Table Display

Looking for something that is both simple, yet elegant? Then consider this wooden bowl design. It is more minimalistic, its size allowing you to set it up just about anywhere from a console table to a coffee table. You can use it as it is or to toss items inside like keys, mail, etc.

13. Long and Thin Natural Wooden Bowl

This wooden bowl is a great solution for those of you who either have a lot of items they wish to set up or something that is too long to fit inside your standard bowl. This is especially true when it comes to flowers. A bowl like this works out well to support them, even if temporary.

14. Carved Decorative Teak Bowl Display

If you are looking for a way to set up your favorite succulents, a wooden bowl is a perfect way to do it. Not only does it create the best room for you to utilize a range of different types of succulents, but it keeps with the whole natural theme, making for a beautiful display piece all around.

15. Hand Carved Extra Large Dough Bowl

When a simple bowl just won’t do it, this extra large bowl will work out well. It is lengthy enough that it can serve as the solitary centerpiece on your dining room table. Plus, there is still more than enough room for you to set on additional decorative items such as a vase, candles, and more.

16. Stunning 3-Wick Dough Bowl Candle

Take a more unique approach to decorating with a wooden bowl with this remarkable dough bowl candle. It does not simply hold a candle. Instead, it becomes the candle. This is a cool way to add something distinctive and different to your decor.

17. Farmhouse Styled Miniature Prayer Bowl

Style your religious belongings with this beautiful, farmhouse-themed prayer bowl. There is a distressed design to this piece that gives it an extra bit of charm and makes it so compelling to admire even when it is not being used.

18. Decorative Handmade Wooden Dough Bowl

This dough bowl is decorative within its own right. It stands slightly tall with a lovely design etched around that steals the show. Of course, you can fill up the bowl with anything you’d like for that extra decorative look.

19. Oversized Asymmetrical Natural Wooden Bowl

Wooden bowls don’t always have to look one way. Instead, you can get yourself that has a bit more creativity and artistic style to it with this asymmetrical bowl. There is a charming, rustic look to it that makes it almost look vintage too.

20. Large and Dark Wooden Dough Bowl