20+ Bedroom Inspirations With Plants: Lively Decorations To Purify The Area

Botanics is the study of all things plant-related. The passionate ones are doing a lot of research on leaves, flowers, and tree trunks. However, the passion for plants and greenery should not have limits. As such, if you love plants in any form, do not hesitate to enjoy their beauty and health properties not only outdoors but also indoors.

Plants can play a lot in the decorating scheme of your house. The green elements are vibrant, alive, all growing, and naturally soothing quality. What else could better suit the area where you relax than some beautiful plants?

So whether you enjoy having only a tiny plant on the nightstand, some pictures with dry plants, or a jungle-like decor, today’s article is for inspiration. These inspiring examples of bedrooms that are rocking the botanical theme will be your starting point.

Most Inspiring Bedroom Designs With Plant

Plants are alive, vivid elements to have in your home. They do not only look fantastic but are also purifying the air you are breathing. Considering how much time we spend relaxing and sleeping in our bedrooms, plants are an essential element.

Bedroom Design With Pressed Leaf Artwork

Bedroom Design With Pressed Leaf Artwork 2

Image Source: @lesbigarades

Bedroom Design With Pressed Leaf Artwork 3

Image Source: @hortiparis

So, if you are a DIY enthusiast and look for an original way to decorate the bedroom, here is an actual method to use when deciding on a bedroom makeover.

What better way to preserve the unique flower species from your garden than drying them? Put them between some newspapers in heavy books and let them dry behind the sun.

Then take a beautiful frame and stick the plants next to the other to create a botanical gallery wall. Let us help you more and explain the steps:

  • Firstly, make sure you gather some flowers and leaves that are easy to dry. Choose specimens that are flat enough and without imperfections, so the result is fancy. Now, do not forget that these plants should be dehydrated.
  • Lay the flowers and plants on a newspaper or a paper towel, then leave them dry in a dark and dry space. If you want to dry a whole bouquet, you must separate the flowers and lay them into a single layer. To make sure everything is ok, cover the plants or flowers with other sheets of paper.
  • Use a heavy stack of books to place it on top of the botanicals, then leave them dry for a couple of days;
  • Use an acrylic sealer and spray the leaves to seal them. Look for this type of spray in any art and crafts shop.
  • Once the Botanics are all dried, using an adhesive spray to hold them all together;
  • Frame the arrangements using a glass-front picture frame, hang it above the bed and enjoy the view.

Plants as Headboards

Plants as Headboards 1

Image Source: @acgrahamco

Plants as Headboards 2

Image Source: @naak.kaapstad

Who said that you need to use a traditional headboard when you can be much more creative? Instead of the wood or upholstered headboard, you can give life to the sleeping space.

Choose a large potted plant and put it in one of the most honorable places in the bedroom.

The best plant to use is a large one, even a flowing one, that can naturally grow to spread all around the headboard. These plants can be either a palm, the Swiss cheese plant, even an umbrella plant.

However, considering these plants will stay somewhere above, be sure the flowers are easy to reach, so you can water them and care for them.

Personal opinion: This way, you will always have a fresh and pretty headboard.

Botanical Accent Wall

Botanical Accent Wall 3

Image Source: @nan.durand

Accent walls are like a genuine fairytale when it comes to the bedroom makeover. Once you enter the room, the very first thing that will come through your mind is “wow!”.

The look will be botanical-like once you consider having a jungle-inspired wall. Whether you put it at the head of your bead or on a lateral wall, the effect will be the same.

If you are not a plant person but still want to feel like an urban jungle, you can choose a bold wallpaper instead. There are many wallpaper patterns to choose from, such as the “framed” butterflies, birds, and leaves.

Tip: Choose the green shades you like, as the options are endless.

Personal opinion: So whether you enjoy flowers the most, maybe birds or the image of a real jungle, it is up to you what woodland scene you decorate the room with.

Botanical Bedding

Botanical Bedding 2

Image Source: @greydock

Botanical Bedding 3

Image Source: @nouvus_home

Maybe you don’t want to take care of plants or simply don’t enjoy this activity. Don’t worry, as you can still have a botanical-themed bedroom. With less money and effort, you can still sleep surrounded by plants and flowers. The secret stands in choosing floral beddings.

Since beddings do represent the pace for your entire bedroom, and you wish to bring a botanical look to your sleeping area, invest in a quality floral duvet. The best patterns to choose would contain branches, leaves, or ferns.

Personal opinion: A quilt with a tree pattern is also a great option to consider. On the other hand, if you prefer to keep your bed topper a bit more solid, use some botanical throw pillows or sheets to emphasize the botanical look.

Tip: If you want to enjoy the new beddings for a more extended time, then make sure you choose some good quality bed linen made of qualitative cotton.

Household Plants

Household Plants 2

Image Source: @pao.igl

Are you looking for a shortcut for a botanical-themed bedroom? Then consider adding that perfect touch using some botanical décor made of easy-to-care houseplants.

Not only will the plants add a fresh vibe to the sleeping area, but they will also keep the air cleaner and remove all the chemicals and impurities out of the room.

Don’t think you cannot take care of these plants, as they do not need too much effort and skills. As long as you ensure there is a lot of light in the room and you wet the plants once a week, you are all covered.

Many household plants are easy enough for beginners, so it’s impossible to mess up taking care of these live elements.

Some of the houseplants that are easy enough even for beginners are pathos, snake plant, Chinese evergreen, and dieffenbachia.

Personal opinion: If you have experience with plants, you can consider some more challenging plants, like the polka dot plant or African violet.

Bedside Tables Made Of Tree Stump

Bedside Tables Made Of Tree Stump 1

Image Source: @Pinterest

Bedside Tables Made Of Tree Stump 2

Image Source: @Pinterest

Bedside Tables Made Of Tree Stump 3

Image Source: @Pinterest

If you have recently worked with some wood and have a cut-down tree on your property, then do not throw it away. Instead, you should keep a thick section of the tree and turn it into a rustic accent table like the examples above.

There is not so much paying for; however, consider this project as effort and time-consuming. As such, do not expect to have the side table in just minutes.

However, you will enjoy this piece of homemade furniture a lot more.

Here are some steps to help you achieve an original bedside table, all homemade:

  1. Before you start working with the wood parts, it is essential to dry them in a warm space. Also, make sure that the area is warm enough, then keep the wood there for at least a month.
  2. When the stump is all dry, then it’s time to remove the bark. This might be a messy job, so you should do it outside or protect the area using a drop cloth. Continue your work until there is almost no bark left. The difficulty of this step stands on the type of tree you are using and its dryness.
  3. The third step stands for the sanding moment. For this moment, you can use some power sander, unless you want to work only by hand. Keep working the wood until the surface is splinter-free. When the surface feels smooth, wipe away all the grift and dust.
  4. To protect the wood for a long time, make sure you apply two or three coats of polyurethane or any similar sealing product. Don’t worry about letting the wood dry after application.
  5. If you want to avoid possible scratches on the floor, you can attach some legs to the bottom of the wood, maybe three or four pieces.
  6. Set the DIY items next to the bed and enjoy your handiwork.

The Plant-Creative Bed Frame

Most of the people who are looking for a botanical garden in their bedroom are creative minds. If you are looking for a unique way to bring the idea of a plant-themed bedroom to life, then put the bed headboard to work and make your space all dreamy.

You can use a simple frame and hang some plant babies on the center and the sides.

Personal opinion: If you transform the headboard into a little indoor garden, the first image in the morning is bliss.

Bedroom Cactus Exhibit

Bedroom cactus exhibit 1

Image Source: @caronoursonne

Are you passionate about succulent plants and especially cactuses? Are you dying to show off this collection and to display it when you can? Take advantage of this opportunity then.

So, instead of using the top of the nightstand for books and lamps, turn it into a desert garden. How cool is that, right?

Tip: You can add a cactus wallpaper or some china decorations in cactus shapes. As such, the look will be complete.

Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants 1

Image Source: @lifehealed

Hanging Plants 2

Image Source: @daysbychica

Keep the atmosphere of your bedroom all alive. Hanging plants offer a unique vibe that will make the room look cozier and more relaxing.

The examples above are just some options that hanging planters have shown to the world. The result is a delightful sleeping arrangement with subtle decor elements.

Tip: You can use the end of the drapery rods to hang the favorite plants or replace the standard nightstand lights with some remarkable plants.

Personal opinion: You don’t need to necessarily damage the walls and ceiling with additional holes when using the existing decor elements.

Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go Home 1

Image Source: @valdezagency

Go Big or Go Home 2

Image Source: @plantsjunkie

Go Big or Go Home 3

Image Source: @vera_simonsen

If you don’t mind living surrounded by flowers, you can consider having a fully plant-themed bedroom.

Tip: Hang plants, get your headboard all dressed in green, add some botanical sheets and enjoy sleeping in indoor sera.

Enjoy every single corner of your room by displaying the verdant greenery in the central spots. Finally, the job will be a delight.

Limit Yourself to a Single Shelf

Limit Yourself to a Single Shelf 4

Image Source: @_lulu___xx

You don’t need to fill the room with tens of plants when you can have a single plant shelf and take care of it. Keep some household plants that are easy-caring so that you won’t spend too much time and effort taking care of these plants.

Tip: Try limiting yourself to a single shelf so that you can take charge of it.

Trust me – you will love the effect of a plant shelf.

Frame the Bed With Plants

Let’s say the ideas above do not feed your appetite for a botanical garden in your bedroom; then what about framing the sleeping space with plants?

For instance, you can raise a potted palm and banana leaf plant on the sides of the bed and beautifully frame it like in a garden-spa space.

Jungle Inspiration For The Sleeping Area

Jungle Inspiration For The Sleeping Area 1

Image Source: @beliani_uk

Jungle Inspiration For The Sleeping Area 2

Image Source: @heartplanted

The jungle inspiration is excellent if you are a boho minimalist and enjoy sleeping in a plant-themed bedroom. The idea of bringing a jungle into your bedroom brings a serene atmosphere and takes your spirit closer to nature.

Personal opinion: I simply love this type of setup; however, people who want to get a piece of the jungle into their bedroom should consider the time and effort for wetting and caring for all these plants, right?

Dividing the Bedroom With Plants

Dividing the Bedroom With Plants 1

Image Source: @yaelplant77

Dividing the Bedroom With Plants 2

Image Source: @virusfemfilm

Dividing the Bedroom With Plants 3

Image Source: @botanicalbear

Maybe you haven’t thought about plants as an excellent way to separate the bedroom into themed corners. For instance, you can delineate the corner you are sleeping in by the dressing room.

Personal opinion: Tall plants are ideal for separating the room; moreover, they provide just enough privacy so you can feel comfortable with someone around.

Make Plants Part Of Your Artistic Project

Plants can be part of a genuine artistic project once you know more about the ideal species for a botanical-themed bedroom. If you are a more creative mind, take the artistic route and display your favorite greenery by creating a gallery wall.

Personal opinion: One of the best options is personalizing the headboard in a more rustic way.

Tip: Try using some hanging plants that are stretching all around the room and bed.

Framed Plant Pictures

Framed Plant Pictures 1

Image Source: @artifactpdx

Framed Plant Pictures 3

Image Source: @finialandfern

If you love plants, but don’t want to have the pressure of taking care of them, then you can cheat a little bit and have only the image of plants nicely framed above the bed.

You can find these plant images everywhere on the internet.

Tip: Choose some high-quality images, print them, then find some lovely frames to place in a favorite spot from the bedroom.

Last But Not Least

Having plants in the bedroom gives a fresh vibe to the whole space. Moreover, plants will clean the air from impurities and bacteria, which is a plus for the relaxing areas. Ready to apply the previous ideas and make your bedroom look like a genuine oasis?

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