20 beautifᴜl tɾee landscaping wιth decк and furnitᴜre ideas

The relaxing area in the garden or backyard can be a refreshing oasis for those of you who live in urban areas. Apart from beautifying the outdoors with various types of plants, decorations, and furniture, landscaping plays an important role when it comes to outdoor design. Landscapes showcase your personality, setting the tone and style of the outdoors to match what you want it to show. Among the many landscape designs, trees are an important part that can be used for various purposes to add extra space outside the room.

If usually trees are often neglected because they are considered standard decorations, now you can make some profit by arranging places around the tree. Starting from making the tree a comfortable place to relax to creating an entertainment area around the decoration. In this post, we’ve rounded up some ideas for arranging the space around a tree in a stylish and creative way. Let’s check!

Wooden deck around trees

Wooden decks are a great addition to the landscape around trees. Under the tree is the best place to relax because of the thick trees. This deck will become part of the tree floor that you can use for various purposes such as a family picnic zone or as a base for laying outdoor furniture. This is the best solution for saving soil, great for areas that rain a lot and often find the soil to be muddy or damp. You can add various accessories such as string lights, floor pillows, to a comfortable table and chair set, and relax under a tree while enjoying the cool breeze.










Outdoor furniture around trees

Outdoor furniture is a classic idea that can add extra space to you. Create a table or bench around the tree to get a comfortable seat or a place to put various gardening supplies. This furniture can be arranged in various ways, it can be made of wood or metal as you wish. Arrange the bench using pillows, blankets or turn it into an outdoor dining area. You can even build a table around the tree to put whatever you need while adding an aesthetic to the backyard.