16 Beautiful Purple Indoor Plants To Jazz Up Your Living Space

You are a purple-lover, and you want your home full of this lovely color, you shouldn’t miss out on this post. Here, we’ve collected 16 Beautiful Purple Indoor Plants to Jazz Up Your Living Space. As you know that there is a wide range of beautiful colors around us, each has its own beauty and meaning, and purple color is too! This attractive color is symbolic of luxury, royalty, and elegance, so planting a few of these purple flowers is a great way to jazz up the beautiful interior of your home. Are you ready to check their beauty with us?

Who wouldn’t be captivated by these beautiful purple flowers when taking them a look, right? They have colorful foliage and a warm texture to melt any heart. Whether purple isn’t your favorite color, or if you want your home to spruce up, whatever the case might be, they promise to keep you satisfied. Loving them, let’s start growing some in your garden or around your home now!

#1 Purple Oxalis

#2 Calathea

#3 Purple Potato Vine

#4 Wandering Jew

#5 Ti Plant

#6 Rex Begonia

#7 Purple Passion

#8 Waffle Plant

#9 Silver Squill

#10 Iron Cross Houseplant

#11 Persian Shield

#12 Ruby’s Necklace

#13 Cordyline ‘Tango’

#14 Tiger Stripes Kalanchoe

#15 Job’s Beard

#16 Purple Heart