16 Beautiful Desk Plants To Liven Up Your Office

Plants not only help your boring life close to nature but also can transform your living space into a more engaging place. Especially, in the tense and serious atmosphere of the office, plants will become a great addition to boost your mood. And this post today, we’ve compiled a list of the best plants for your desk that you will love. Not just that, cleaning air fresher and bringing luck are benefits that many people want to grow them in recent years.

If you are finding to add something to your office, these desk plants are great recommendations. And there are plenty of options out there to suit any of your space, even you only have a small amount of space to work with. Besides, they are easy to grow won’t require you to take a degree in horticulture in order to look after them properly. Here are 16 different options for desk plants that should fit right on your desk.

#1. Snake Plant

Image source: Thepioneerwoman

Snake Plant is a resilient plant that can thrive with basic care. They can in a long time, for about a month without water, in poor light, and dry air, as long as it’s planted in well-draining soil.

#2. African Violet

Image source: Southernliving

African Violet thrives in average temperatures and humidity levels. This makes them an ideal house or office desk plant.

#3. Ivy

Image source: Gardeningexpress

Ivy grows happily in low light and moist soil, this makes it is an odd choice for a desk plant.

#4. Tillandsia

Image source: Pistilsnursery

Tillandsia is a distinctive option that will add interest to your workspace, it is able to grow without soil.

#5. Wandering Jew

Image source: Amazon

Wandering Jew is one of the easiest plants to grow. It’s ideal for busy people who may forget to care for delicate plants.

#6. Peace Lily

Image source: Mydomaine

Peace Lily requires neither huge amounts of light nor daily watering to survive. This makes them ideal desk plants for busy people.

#7. Philodendron

Image source: The Spruce

Philodendron is a low-maintenance desk plant, you just remember to water them regularly to maintain their glossy greenery.

#8. Cacti

Image source: Redsquareflowers

Cacti is normally found in arid, harsh deserts, so it is extremely durable desk plants.

#9. Palms

Image source: Jayscotts

Palms are low-maintenance plants that grow better in brighter spots and need a bit of filtered water when the surface of the soil appears dry.

#10. Jade Plant

Image source: Hgvt

Jade plants fare well in harsh conditions and don’t require as much light as other plants.

#11. Ferns

Image source: Planterina

Ferns prefer to be watered regularly and to sit in rich soil but they still grow well in conditions that aren’t great.

#12. Venus Fly Trap

Image source: Gardenerideas

Venus Fly Trap is a tiny little plant that will do well in poor light and damp soil.

#13. Orchids

Image source: Justaddiceorchids

Exotic orchids prefer indirect light to direct sunlight and they also require little water.

#14. Rex Begonia

Image source: The Spruce

Rex Begonia does well in low light and needs good humidity levels in order to thrive.

#15. Oxalis

Image source: Thecitywild

Oxalis does well in conditions with low humidity and needs bright light for the richest colors.

#16. Chinese Evergreen

Image source: Englishgardens

Chinese Evergreen prefer warm environment and happy in indirect light, and can also remove toxins from the air.